Wednesday, November 22, 2006


It’s so nice to know

That people are watching your back.
That everyone’s waiting to screw you.
That life’s a ball game.
That wrestling in the mud is dirty.
That you can understand whatever I say.
That you misconstrue what I don’t mean.
That the world is a profound place.
That you may not want to be in a place.
That beauty isn’t what it is.
That people are smart.
That sun bathing makes you hot
and your hands going to burn in a boiling pot.

It’s nice to know

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

If i was to write a title ...then i would have

I’ve always believed in divine providence …..and all that kind of mumbo jumbo.
Coz I really think things work …coz there were meant to.
You meet people that you are supposed to …and you a never meet those you weren’t destined to meet.

And I’ve always liked it this way.

Sure things aren’t easier…heck they are tougher if anything.

Coz there’s always the frustration of not beign able to do a particular job, or not achieve something that you’ve really given your ass on sale for. It gets to your head sometimes. But then there’s the realization that dawns….( don’t ask me from where it dawns …coz I’m still searching for that answer)

Its time to go off on a tangent here..

Pink….whats with women and pink.
Arundhati just got a new bag from ADIDAS that’s BRIGHT FLUORESCENT PINK. And she sits next to me in office …with that pink thing there by her side.

Don’t get me wrong here …it’s a good color and all…

But I don’t get the female fascination with pink!!!
A classmate at XIC once gave a speech on how she loved pink….i really didn’t get the point.

But I realize that I may like/dislike many things in this world that others find funny ( or even weird)…….so its all ok
You be yourself
And i……………………well …I’ll just be myself

This reminds me of a song I had once written ( and composed)
That went like this

No one told me
the way its gonna be now.
No one told me
That it’ll happen somehow.
no one told me …
To change myself someday.
So I’ll just be myself today

And blah blah…there was a verse or two …which I now have lost the interest to write here….so I’ll shut my trap on this one.