Monday, February 26, 2007

A lot’s been happening …and a lot will happen

Got my first TVC out. It wasn’t my idea. The words I had written got changed like a million times till what was left wasn’t mine at all. The voice over was done like a million times, till the VO artist wanted to take her life (and ours)….but at least five days of work put together to come out with ONE FREAKING 10 SECOND AD!!!

“So lets live with it” they say.“ the client will not approve of it any which way”

So does that mean we stop trying?
Stop fighting our way to what we think is right?
Stop believing that things can be done better?

We all have a closed mind to change…..and that my friend is the truth.

Whether I like it or not…I will admit it.

I wont like it if my place in office changed everyday.
Nor would I like changing my pillow…( my underwear ..yes….but pillow…nopes)

( ok going of on a tangent here….coz I was away …..and just came back to my computer)

less work today….me bosses are out. One’s gone to cal….the other for a shoot. So basically I’m here on my own. Waiting for feedback from a client ….nothing much to do though.

Just dismantled a torch that I got for 20 buks. The guy who sold it to me said “ battery ki koi zaroorat nah” so it works on a dynamo!!!…..i believed him at the time…though I had my doubts.

So finally after a whole month that mechanism fell apart in my bag…..coz it was so badly assembled.

And now I know for sure that it’s got no battery …………….SUPER COOL

Though it would have been a bit better if it actuall worked for a longer period of time

( heheh…I think I’ll buy myself one …and keep it at home ….makes more sense…don’t you think?)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


A few days ago I realised why my blog didn’t show any comments.

Coz I had done some silly setting on it….where I had to moderate it. Little did I realise that it wqasnt going to reach my mail account but be on the blogger homepage.

Any way …now that’s out of the way lets get back to what I wanted to write today…which is again nothing.

There are somesongs in this world that can lift you up on a bad day …and there are those that can make you feel even sadder.

Right now it’s the latter that’s happening.

I’m trying to cheer myself up. But I don’t seem that’s going to happen if music like this keeps playing. Why don’t people understand that I really don’t want to hear stuff that’s morose and sounds like a “I am going to kill myself” song.