Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Before you accuse me of being vague

I don’t know if today’s the best day to write. But since I have not rambled on since a long time, here goes.

Frankly I’ve been staying away from writing on my blog. More so, coz I don’t want to accidently write something I really don’t want the world to know. That’s assuming the whole freaking world cares about what’s happening to me.

Nonetheless, I shall try to rant (without actually ranting)

I miss my guitar. Haven’t really been able to touch it over the weekend.:-(

Maybe I’m too busy with work. Or at play. Or at not doing anything while I do so much. Oops! I think I’ve said too much.

I miss the times when words like Orals and Periods would just mean ‘Exams’ and ‘Lectures’. Where have those days gone by? :-(

I don’t like people polluting. Especially those ignorant fools who fold a bag of Potato Chips to the size of a friggin fifty paisa coin and then throw it on the tracks. “It’s so small yaar… what harm can it possible cause?”. I’ll shove it up your arse…then let’s see what harm it can cause.

I don’t like the way people behave. With themselves. With others. (I’d much rather not elaborate, although I know that even I may not know exactly what I am hinting at, ten years from now, when I revisit this page). Hi Austin from the future, this is Austin from the past. Today is 25th august and I am still in office. I hope things are looking much better and brighter as you read this, ten years from now.

I hate death.

I love pizzas. Not the kind you get at Dominoes or at Pizza Hut. But the ones I make on my own. For those who haven’t yet got the opportunity to taste one of those. You don’t know what you’re missing out on. Call me right now, to know more. (I’m expecting your call)

I don’t like when people don’t call me(ahem). Or reply to SMSes, for that matter. Even if I don’t care about the people who call me, I surely return their calls.

NOTE TO SELF: Stop being so vague.

I like being vague. It’s like plants in the summer sun.

I like this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOurz4-OH8I