Sunday, April 26, 2009

An experiment

Let me see if this experiment works. I’m going to look around my room. I'm going to name an object.I'm going to tell you something interesting i remember about that object, in one line. Simple isn't it? (I like simple experiments)

1. Cardboard cut-out of ‘Fido Dido – The 7up Cartoon Character’ – I robbed this from Mood Indigo (IIT College Fest) about 3 years ago.

2. Sony Ericsson s500i – Don’t buy it coz the key’s break.

3. Chinese Dragon Wall Hanging – Arundhati gifted me this, about a year ago. (it’s not Chinese…hehehe)

4. Newspaper-Mache lamp – I made it myself after getting weirdly inspired by ROB (watch MAD on POGO, you’ll know what I mean)

5. Half Filled Bottle of Nimbooz – There’s water in it now. (10 seconds later)…ahem …it’s empty now!

6. Roland Amplifier – It lies besides my computer on all weekdays and it comes to life on the weekends, coz that’s the only time I get to manhandle my guitar! (PS: My neighbours aren’t my best friends on weekends…. You get the drift right?)

7. Videocon Washing Machine – It’s just in my room. If I try to throw it out ‘I’ may have to vacate the room with it.

8. 2 pairs of shorts on the steel chair – I’m just too lazy to find a steel hangar, that’s why!

9. The book ‘Shantaram’ inside a ‘Crosswords’ plastic bag – I tried taking it out from the bag, almost fell asleep. Finished half the book. Will finish the rest later (before I hit the grave, for sure!)

10. Webcam – Oh Fuck! I have a webcam??? Damn, even I didn’t know that. WOHOOO!

(PS: Feel free to try the experiment on your blog. And don’t expect me to fucking say shit like ‘I tag you’ or ‘You’re next’ or whatever. If you feel like it, go right ahead. Nahi toh yeh window bandh kar aur apne blog pe kuch interesting likh!)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Let it come. Let it not come back.

I thought that day had come and gone.
Alas, I was wrong.
I'm looking for it to come again.
I've been waiting for it since long.

Sometimes I pray.
Sometimes I wonder.
Sometimes I stare at the ceiling, just like that.

I know not what awaits me.
Maybe it's meant to be that way.
And i know, for sure, it's a fact.

But about one thing i'm certain,
after that moment comes again,
I'd never want it to once again come back.