Thursday, December 20, 2007


Last night I had been to an informal house-party at lucy’s. The party was to start at about 7 (which by Indian standards means 9). And it did (kind of) start at 9.

The first 20 odd minutes went off pretty slow. The music wasn’t blaring, coz we were waiting for Lucy to fetch the wire that connects the laptop to the sound system. And basically we just looked at her family and they looked back at us. We even looked at her other friends, and they looked back. We had our share of chips and pepsi (and I don’t exactly know why there wasn’t any booze…..would have been superb J with some)


We somehow get the music system in place. And Nikhil (the DJ that he is) kept dancing to the numbers, though nobody else seems to be as excited and jumpy as he.

I believe we all were a bit tired, coming back from work and god knows what.

…..ok blah blah ….this is getting too narrative…so I’ll cut directly to after the dinner.

I had brought my guitar along. So thought I’d play some songs and Lucy and Jwelyn will sing. And we’ll basically have a good time.

But I was mistaken.

I started to play…and before I knew it I was surrounded by all the aunty and uncles I didn’t know. And each one was singing at his/her own pace. Not to mention, the songs that they sang….we’ll I think they were created in the prehistoric age.

Now surrounded by the old folk, I had no escape……so I started to work my brain to say a few magical word “hmm…I don’t to play THAT song”.

So, no matter what they requested, I pretended not to know the song. Special thanks to my friends who insisted on leaving me there, while they themselves prepared to fly away.

… the end of it all , I did manage to break free(the magic words did the trick)

But the day wasn’t so bad. I still don’t believe that lucy is getting married. I don’t believe we can no longer be the “vela” children we were. I still detest the fact that we’re no more into that I’m-not-doing-my-homework-I’m-watching-TV phase.


Friday, November 30, 2007

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Food for thought

There are some who are dying of hunger…

Many have no place to live in…

They’ve got clothes that are no more than a mangy handkerchief…

Roads too bad to be called roads…

Services bad enough to make you want to do things yourself…




They are the ones that really need it ….right?

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Beginning this piece listening to “Vincent”.....

Don’t know what’s going to come out …letters appearing on the screen as I type with callous fingers. The day has been slow. The only thing worth mentioning about today is the time I spent with my guitar today (after a long time)

Wanted to compose a song …but I knew that my mind wasn’t going to work that way …today.

Let’s take the slow train instead.

But I reconsider. It’s “faster” in a fast….(threw you off guard, didn’t i?)

Actually the music abruptly changed ….and maybe that’s why this post too is going to be like the way I always do… smile.

Eight glasses of water

That’s what we’re supposed to have each day. “You’ll be dehydrated if you don’t have 8 glasses a day”, people say. Little do they know.

The other day I was watching this documentary on discovery which had conducted an experiment on two identical twins, for a whole week. Both the twins were given identical meals. The only difference being that one twin was given 8 glasses of water and the other no water at all (ouch…you must be saying to yourself….chill …read on)

At the end of the experiment the twins were clinically tested for moisture content. It was found that neither twin was dehydrated (ok…don’t go to sleep….the lousy story is almost over).

The food that they ate supplied both of them with the water that their bodies needed.

So if you don’t get 8 glasses of water a day (as in actual glasses of water), YOU’RE NOT GOING TO DIE OF DEHYDRATION

(on that note I shal have some water … J)

And while I write all this crap …I’m suddenly famished....KHAANNNNAAAAAAA KIDHAR HAIIIIIII??????

Monday, August 20, 2007

The song's done

check it out here

it's the FIRST track ....though you're free to see the other ones too

party on :-)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

it's I-day today ....and here's one of the two things i did (can't tell you the other thing i did *winkwink)

(ok ...just so you don't get weird ideas......i wrote a song ...but it's not finished gotta wait)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Online banners

Checkout some cool online banners

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Not yet but almost…

…down with a cold. Head’s heavy. Wished I had a runny nose. Feel like cracking my skull to take out the phlegm.

Maybe some other day…

I’ve just signed on an artwork that’s taken a whole year to see the light of day. Sure I did write the original draft…and the rewritten copy. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s actually been a whole year. Ever since it began, it has changed colour, shape and copy so many times that I hardly remember what it earlier was supposed to be. Ahh…yes …in the good old days it was supposed to be a SUPER DUPER premium ad. Well….I dare not say anything, least I jinx it.

But life still goes on…I guess.

The changing of groups has got me good things …..And I think I MIGHT have written about it in an earlier post (or not), but it’s not that time of the day that I’m going to repeat myself… (Or not again)

Well …I can talk about my new phone. It’s a SONY K510i

My first phone was a Nokia 6600….and it got so badly fucked that I had to either let the phone go or pay 4,500 for it

I chose the former.

….and to add to that fact my new phone is just 4,800….and it’s got a better camera than the earlier phone …and it should (hopefully) be a lot better. It’s got almost the same features ….but it’s a Sony Ericsson. And I’ll need some time getting used to it.

Sometimes I think I should reread and edit what I write in my blog…coz the other day gill (my boss) asked if I have a blog, and I gave him the link. To be frank, I don’t think I should edit stuff. Coz I really want this space to be a reflection of what I’m thinking in the present moment ….I don’t care if I say “What the fucking shit have I written” and write it down …even if it makes no sense. I want it to be a written record of my present state of mind.

Need for speed….most wanted (black edition)

Been playing this is office … (when on a break of course). It makes me remember of the times when Arnold (my cousin) and I used to play NFS3 all day and night.

The day used to begin at 12.30 (sometimes 2.30) …just in time for lunch. Switching the computer and waiting for it to turn seemed like a good time to grab a bite. And then began a whole 18 hours of non-stop NFS’ing. Sure our thumbs would pain after a while ….but all that was futile …coz we had to chase the cops ….we had to win.

Looking back I realise how addicted we were to the game….but I don’t see any harm in it. It was good fun then. It still is good fun now.

And in true style…this second half of this post is written on the next day ….coz I had to get some work done (ya right!)

So I bid farewell till the time I think it’s wise to write

PS: Been happy about the fact that I’ve a lot to thank god for in my life …. (Ok too philosophical for this blog…so I’ll stop here)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pepsi – wanna top ka is my music

Hey …just bounced into this micro site by Pepsi

I think it’s pretty neat for someone who has ear for music, but doesn’t know how to actually play an instrument. That’s because the interface is so simple that even if you don’t know which beat to use where ……it still sounds like you do.

For those who have used garage band in the past, this site would be a cakewalk. You simple drag-drop the required sounds, bass, guitar riffs and bass to suit the mood you’re looking for ….and voila




Control freak (made by arundhati)

Tuesday house (made by arundhati)

Trial dodo

Trippy slippy

I’ve been at it for a while now….and created a few tracks ….do check them out (in case you have nothing much to do in your life)

:-) cheers :-)

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Monday, April 23, 2007


I think I should write …while I am still excited about it

Been to goa these last few days. Beer by the sea, forged papers, trance music, bumping into someone I’ve not met in months….it’s the stuff movies can be made of (a very cheap movie at that…heheh)

Bates David Enterprise…that’s where I’m currently working. And in their infinite mercy they decide to send 25 of its under 30 slaves to goa.

As luck would have it …I got upgraded to that list cause a few of the higher slaves went off the list.

And so with open arms this agency scum got a flight ticket ( in the name of another person) to himself. Forging papers to fly …was no easy task ….but it all went off without a hitch.

It was my first flight …….and my first time to Goa. And what a time it was.

Booze by the sea, booze at the hotel…..booze on our way there and back. And all that was there was the sand between my toes. The trance music in my ears. The photographs I have in my digicam.

Day one was a REAL adventure.
We were put up into a hotel (Varca Palms) that was a stone throw away from the actual goafest venue. But it was like a light year (and 800 bucks) away from our other colleagues who were put up at a hotel called ALA GOA.

Pull some strings with the organisers by faking an excuse
“ we have to reach the conclave …errr…..but before that we have to pick up a bag from ALA GOA”

sure enough the trick didn’t work….coz the guy we contacted was super cool

he just asked us “ WHAT IS THIS REALLY ABOUT???”

after which we spilled the beans ….only to find ourselves chauffer-driven to ALA GOA….and duly accommodated there……hats off to the organisers who understood our “friendly” plight.

By this time it was already evening and we were starving …..just the thought of not having anything since we left Bombay …and the goan food to come made us hallucinate…..till we reached the food at one of the shacks at beach ….err…what was the name of that beach again??……haa….BetalBatim…( or BetalBati as it is pronounced)

Then came the chilling at the beach till morning….the beers….the sea….the quietness.
The only quietness we’d have in goa….the rest was as noisy as it could get.

Day two…the fest begins
With all that I thought GOAFEST would be …it was better than that …and more.
Booze by the sea ..(again)…..and trance music …ooollllaaalllaaa. People were getting smashed with alcohol…left right and mid centre :-)
The only thing I expected and I didn’t get at the venue….was goan food (well that was to change on day three…you’ll see)

Day three
We basically were so hammered and stoned that we slept all thru the morning. We weren’t in no mood to get rosted in the sun …unless we get to taste the local cuisine.
So we made our way to MARTIN’S

Prawn curry rice
Prawn papad
Chicken vindaloo
Pork goan sausages

(man …my mouth is watering just thinking of it again….hummmm…MUSSELS….deep fried…hmmmm)

We were back to the venue at the beach…and the music was better than it was on the earlier day.

We also sat for the function (as a real side affair..hehehe)

And then it was back to the beach ….where DJ NASHA belted trance hits all through the night till 3.00 am …..and we danced like there was no tomorrow.

Many were sloshed …..only a few didn’t drink much …J ..(the crazy few)

And before we knew it ….it was time to catch our flights back to mumbai

Farewell to goa
Farewell to the narrow roads
Farewell to the goan brothers ( better called patrao’s )
Farewell to the food ( ohhhhh maaannnn…how I’m going to miss it )
Farewell to the trance by the sand
Farewell to the open sky peering back at you

Till we meet again ……farewell

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Lack of inclination to write has bitten me lately.

Much to the dismay of a few, I shall write, as I like. In the past, may have pulled my leg on the way I write …and frankly it doesn’t dither me.

I think this place is somewhere where I can write whatever I want …let it mean whetever it wants to.

Coz I don’t have any client servicing person telling me that “this” word isn’t right … doesn’t mean whaht it was to…..or that it wont be understood.

If you don’t understand what I mean ….err…well maybe you should reading right here

For those few who are still around …there’s not more to look forward for in this post.

Keep it simple.

Yes…that’s a dictum, at least these days. Just keep it plain simple.

(ok I took a writing break ….so that’s explains the unconnected shit)
cheers …..J

Saturday, March 24, 2007

To cut a long story short...

I was denied a finger bowl at café churchill (colaba)...

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Take me

Take me to another place,
somewhere where I’d want to go.
A place that doesn’t have pseudo maniacs.
A place that free of foes.

Take me to another place,
I want to get away from this land
A land where people don’t know what the say.
A land where they don’t say what they mean.

Take me to another place,
I lived so long for it .
For the warm rain that would feel so divine
For the numb feeling in my feet.

Take me to another place,
I really don’t know why I want to go

Take me to another place,
take me now ….lets go.

( ok ....dont judge be by this ...i really dont know what i was TRYING to write........maybe some airy fairy stuff ..hehehe)

Friday, March 02, 2007


It’s like 2.43 ( on my home computer)….and I don’t know why am I awake….


Been playing this game on “caravan toss”…….seems pretty interesting (my best score was 354.19 mts

(well … gotta play the game to know how addictive it is )

Ne way …the reason I came to ramble was that I remembred what piyush said to me today

“you should write stuff when you maarofy nights …..some crazy stuff is always the end result”…………….welll I didn’t need quote him …coz I don’t really remember his exacts words ( but heck who cares ….thats what I choose to retain in my memory….and in this blog post)

Planning to buy myself an MP3 player.

I’m not the ipod freak …so I’m game for any MP3 player…so long as it has FM and MP3….i don’t care what the fuck it looks like

Looks don’t matter ……..(ok …now that’s a really big statement there ..worthy of another post )

Who am I kidding ……I never kept this blog organized …and never will.

I once got criticized for using too many dots (…..) ………and brackets ( )

But somehow I think that’s the way I prefer to write …..if only I could write copy for ads like I do here …..

If only the world were square …so that I could live on the edge

If only chickens managed to cross the road ….without people making a million jokes about the act of crossing the road

If only I could tell her how much she means to me ….with that hint of doubt she thinks I have…

If only I could stay awake night and day …….more time to make hay

If only I could sell my radio and film scripts ….I’D GET RICHHHH

*just remembered about this cartoon character who I don’t remember seeing too much of …RITCHIE RICH……….:-) ……so cool if I was him …naa?

Monday, February 26, 2007

A lot’s been happening …and a lot will happen

Got my first TVC out. It wasn’t my idea. The words I had written got changed like a million times till what was left wasn’t mine at all. The voice over was done like a million times, till the VO artist wanted to take her life (and ours)….but at least five days of work put together to come out with ONE FREAKING 10 SECOND AD!!!

“So lets live with it” they say.“ the client will not approve of it any which way”

So does that mean we stop trying?
Stop fighting our way to what we think is right?
Stop believing that things can be done better?

We all have a closed mind to change…..and that my friend is the truth.

Whether I like it or not…I will admit it.

I wont like it if my place in office changed everyday.
Nor would I like changing my pillow…( my underwear ..yes….but pillow…nopes)

( ok going of on a tangent here….coz I was away …..and just came back to my computer)

less work today….me bosses are out. One’s gone to cal….the other for a shoot. So basically I’m here on my own. Waiting for feedback from a client ….nothing much to do though.

Just dismantled a torch that I got for 20 buks. The guy who sold it to me said “ battery ki koi zaroorat nah” so it works on a dynamo!!!…..i believed him at the time…though I had my doubts.

So finally after a whole month that mechanism fell apart in my bag…..coz it was so badly assembled.

And now I know for sure that it’s got no battery …………….SUPER COOL

Though it would have been a bit better if it actuall worked for a longer period of time

( heheh…I think I’ll buy myself one …and keep it at home ….makes more sense…don’t you think?)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


A few days ago I realised why my blog didn’t show any comments.

Coz I had done some silly setting on it….where I had to moderate it. Little did I realise that it wqasnt going to reach my mail account but be on the blogger homepage.

Any way …now that’s out of the way lets get back to what I wanted to write today…which is again nothing.

There are somesongs in this world that can lift you up on a bad day …and there are those that can make you feel even sadder.

Right now it’s the latter that’s happening.

I’m trying to cheer myself up. But I don’t seem that’s going to happen if music like this keeps playing. Why don’t people understand that I really don’t want to hear stuff that’s morose and sounds like a “I am going to kill myself” song.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Give me a gun

Give me a gun
I want to shoot someone

Make sure the bullets are really rusty
It’ll be more fun this way…I know for sure

Give me a gun
His time has come

Make sure the bullets are bigger than his brain
…on second thoughts ….even the smallest bullets would be bigger than that.

Give me a gun
Its time for some fun
Give me a gun
It’s good that they’ve left no rum
Give me a gun
Give me a gun
Give me a gun

Monday, January 22, 2007

Another day

This morning I was coming by the local train to office (late of course). I managed to catch a glimpse of a guy who was chanting some mantras. What was odd was the mode in which he was counting how many times he chanted the mantra.

He was doing it with an AXE CLICKER.

So there you go. The evitable. Advertising meets god.

I don’t really want to get into this whole conversation actually. Advertising advertising advertising. That’s all that’s been talked about whenever my friends and me manage to meet.

So lets talk about something else-My aching head and this cold that doesn’t seem to leave my side.
Its been a week now (maybe more actually), but this cold still seems to persist. I know that its winter and all ….but that doesn’t mean I’ve got to have an eternal cold.

Chal cold toh theek hai …but this sick feeling of your head feeling heavy is what is irritating. More so because I wasn’t able to go to Indore for my cousins wedding. I was so looking forward to going there.

I’ve not been to many places in my life. ( heck I can name a few places I’ve been just on the fingers of one of my hands). There’s also going to be a wedding here at b’bay, but I wanted to go there. Get to know what life would be like. At least if nothing else check out the Indore chicks (* grins in excitement …but realises it just fake…THERE ARE NO CHICKS IN INDORE )

So there you have it. I’m here for some more time. At work and in b’bay.

So long indore ( someday…..someday)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hey I’m back.

With nothing to say, as always. You must have already guessed that it was gonna be this way. And it will always be like this.

Random babbling.
Unwanted words.
Something foolish.
Something stupid.
Many things that don’t mean anything.

A mindless ramble. A waste of web space actually.
Why am I allowed to subject this space to what’s in my head (which of course is empty).
It shouldn’t be allowed. It’s degrading if you see.

Someone somewhere must have thought this would be a good idea. I think so too, but that doesn’t mean I am making any sense.

Not to you.
Not to me.

So I’ll just carry on this way.
There’s a lot I need to know. And I think I’ve said this before …

I seek, but I don’t know what I am expecting to find.

Life’s ironic.
You learn one thing one day. And then the other day it’s suddenly obsolete. Somehow you begin to question why you began to learn (what you did) in the first place.
You give you heart and soul to a few things in life, and then they somehow manage to walk all over you.
I’ve gone thru this before. And now it has happened to me again.

( ok I really don’t know what I’m saying here….coz I’m just getting mixed feelings ….and funnily I cant even point out what I’m thinking of)

I’m irritated.
With this cold I have.
With the weather.
With the lack of belonging.
With the pride of knowing how good I am …but not being able to prove it.
With people who are commissioned to make your life suck.
With cold baths.
With acting like I’m normal.
With work…or the lack of it.

‘Stop tripping” I tell myself “Its all just a phase. It’ll soon pass”.

But when and how…somebody tell me.

I was once called a “sensitive fucker”
And I think I am.
Its so easy for me to trust in some people. Though I’d like to question what going on. I trust people …then lose it…. regain it…only to lose it.

To cut a short story to half……….I’m just irritated!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Its come down to this

I’m getting dumber by the second.
I need change.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Somehow …

I’ve just realised that ive stopped rambling random stuff

So here goes (….again?)

The skin coming out of my cuticles irritates me. Ya I know its winter and its all dry and stuff. But that dosent explain why my face looks like its been plagued with dandruff (when its just dry skin)

Ne way ….don’t even begin to say “use a cold cream”…..coz I don’t like the sticky feeling.

Guys and paunches. Girls and paunches. People with paunches.
It happens to everyone. So whet the difference.
Aha….there’s a BIG BLOODY difference.

Guys with paunches…..don’t care what they stuff their face with.
Girls with paunches….act like they need to have the perfect figure…and starve.

People and their jokes
I don’t get them …I don’t like them …THEN WHY THE FUCK SHOULD I PRETEND TO LAUGH?
Though I must admit I have (many times in the past) tried not to….but in vain.

Dirty keyboards
Are you trying to tell me that you don’t see the half eaten vadapao fall into the keyboard??……seriously.

Eat if you’ve got to …but please don’t feed the keyboard ….more so if its not yours!

Stop talking about the film everyone …I haven’t seen it yet…please stop…NOW!!!
(hmm …as I write ..there are two who talk about the film …that’s what’s irritating)

people having an opinion.
Everybody has one. One when you’re in deep shit. One when you’d like to be alone. One when you want to beat the shit out of someone.

And another one …put in for fun.

I sometimes …
get caught up with rhymes.
Somebody slap some sense into me.

A friend of mine
Told me in good time
But I haven’t listened to her as you see

Getting interrupted
Time and again I’ve tried to finish a post ……and finish this post I will.
But the question here is that I always……

(ok ..i didn’t end up finishing this post too ….i left it in the middle yesterday …..and now I’m just posting whatever I had written)