Monday, July 31, 2006

Just in a raped state of mind

I don’t know what I am going to write
Ive just come here coz I really don’t know what to do next
I tried concentrating on what I am supposed to do at work …but I kept drawing blanks

And frankly that’s a bit irritating

In the traditional sense it would be called a writers block…but heck I wasn’t even writing.

Its seems to be bright and sunny outside. That’s not necessarily a good thing, cause my comp is right in front of the window and the contrast isn’t making me think any faster.
And I say again …I don’t know what I am going to write.

Its been a week now. I have finally got a computer for myself. Not a great joy though cause the yahoo messenger doesn’t seem to work . screw it!!!
I am still learning the agency way of doing things
And learning a lot.

I think I shall go into the random mode again

People keep staling my pen ….but somehow I seem to find it always.
I came to know more people in the office ….although there still are some who don’t want to be know ….its ok ……I don’t understand it …but its ok.

I came to know some shaking facts about people …which I shall not discuss. I know very less …and I may have misconstrued the information I overheard.

So lets leave all that aside.

I somehow believe that I should get back to work

( and while I say that ….someone behind me ….who seems to be equally frustrated just said “what the fuck am I doing yaar?”)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

a post from "mere boss ki cumputer"

yo peoples
i just wanted you to know that i still don’t know where i am supposed to be sitting
so for the time being i am using the comp that my boss uses

This should be fun

*looks around and enjoys his success with evil laughter*
*looks around again and notices someone looking suspiciously*

So I got a job ……that doesn’t mean I did some work

I just got placed in an ad agency called bates
And today was my first day.
I thought that I would be immersed in ….well least something to do
But I was bored to death man. The only thing I did …..That remotely kept me busy was read the advertising books.
Not just for people who don’t get it, these award book are not something that they made me do or that you need to know anything about, but its just the fascination for advertising and ads that got me to spend my day drooling over the books .

My immediate boss came in at ( …err….i don’t even remember that ….man I think I was engrossed in those books ).
Any ways ….as I was saying ….he came in and looked at me. I gave him that “I am so pakaooed” look
To which he said “ I want you to get bored for the first 2 days “

So basically that means I’ll be having nothing at all to do all of tomorrow

Day one was cool though
I got the feeling that everyone was busy …but did get the time to make that odd joke …and play a game on their comp…..and of course check their mail

somehow you can make out who are the people in Client Servicing.
I don’t know why …but they have this whole “oh I am so fucked up “look

And the Creatives have this “I am the one responsible for that ” ( pointing towards the Client Servicing person )

Sunday, July 16, 2006

You lucky bastards

If you are reading this, consider yourself lucky, because I can’t!
My computer refuses to open any (dot)blogspot blogs.
And there are just a few which I do visit regularly …one of which is family.

A couple of days ago I realized that I wanted to write a lot (well I don’t really remember about what ….so lets leave it at that ). But my blog didn’t seem to open…and I tried frantically.
I tried googl’ing the solution…but couldn’t get one.
I sent a mail to Arnold ….and he gave me a (dot)blogspot I return ( little did he realize that it wasn’t going to open )

But I did figure out that I could put in a new post…..even if I can’t view MY OWN BLOG

So here I am writing shit that I cannot access

I am new to blogging

So if this looks like a place where I mumble randomly – you guessed it right!
So is there anybody else there who is going thru the same misery?

( I just realized that if you too are having the same problem …..Well….there’s no way you are reading this ….but if you are, then you can let me know at )

now shoo....all u lucky bastards

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Just so many things

There are about a zillion thoughts in my pea sized brain.
And I need to vent it out somewhere, so here goes.

The blasts and us
The only thing I can ask is why?
What sense does it make? If someone reading this is a part of any militant group, be my guest and reply. This whole episode seems like a videogame
The only difference
No saved levels
No extra lives
No sanity

Just real people
Real blood

The blast and ‘them’
We can’t do anything so lets blame the government.
As I was watching last nights coverage, it struck me that when something like this takes place, how the fuck can you expect the police, the ambulance and the firefighters to be all there at all these places at the same time.
Lets face it people
The government isn’t god. They are not going to pop in the second you scream out for an ambulance.
What I am saying may sound like a pile of poop to some.
But I don’t care.

The blast coverage
Given the chance I would personally go to the star news people and ask insane questions to them.
And repeat these questions a hundred times.
Get a life man!!
Instead of asking banal questions get a list from all the hospitals of the injured and deceased and put them up on the news. Make some sense of your broadcasts.

The blast – hutch – the retailers
Since I have been over using the cell since yesterday, sending messages to family and friends, I decided to get it refilled this morning. I happen to go to this retail shop just outside my building.
The guy at the counter blatantly refuses to give me a recharge card. It came as a surprise but I managed to ask him why I was being refused a recharge and where could I get one, if not in his shop. It so happens that the retailers are on a strike due to some commission issues with hutch (and maybe others I am not aware of ….airtel etc ).
Now I don’t know exactly when this “strike” started, but isn’t that stupid.
Just when the cell phone, and more importantly the sms system,is working just right.

Strike my ass.

The hutch people
I ended up at the hutch shop and stood at a counter for about fifteen minutes.
The lady sitting opposite me in there behind the glass was hot and not to mention buxom.
That’s where the confusion started.
But I didn’t know where to look. If I would look up over her head, she would have said something thru that glass and I wouldn’t have heard her, giving the guy behind me an opportunity to swoop in.
If I look at her eyes she would think I am ogling at her.
And there was no way in hell I could look at her hands, cause they were right in front of her ….ahem…..assets.
So I kept changing my glance. Surely she must have thought that I had an acute drug problem.

The feeling at hutch
Its NOISY man!
It’s not possible not to loose ones cool. Forget working there. I didn’t even want to stand there as a customer.
In comes Jhonny “ do you want to change your plan” bravo.
So I politely shoo him off
( don’t want to relive the whole experience … I shall not write about this)

Random observation
If you take an alternative route – you may not reach any faster
( I tried the same today )

If you want to cross the road – don’t look in the direction from where there isn’t any traffic approaching – you may get hit by the oncoming traffic …..DUFFER
( some stupid guy on the main road…luckily Jhonny is alive )

No matter how many times I look out my window, I always see either the watchman or the old ladies from my building
( I think I should shift house )

I like writing these observations
( proves to me that I have lost it )

No matter how many mails one sends to the XIC group ( yahoo group of my class )
There’s always someone who says “ Oh I didn’t get that mail “
( just amazing )

Mumbai spirit
( dudes …Mumbai is dying …its not going to be long before its going to be just Mumbai …NO SPIRIT )

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I shall write today

My computer and my landline have a funny alliance.
The landline is dead since the last rains, but the net (as I discovered) works.
And people don’t seem to believe me.

“How can your landline be dead and the net work?……are you on grass or something?”
Rhetorical as these trivial questions seem I have to assure “The People’s” that nothings wrong.

Boredom has got the better of me, and of course my friend RAKSHIT.
So we ended up meeting at his place and got a song done, with the help of shaban on vocals

Sung by: Shaban
Lyrics by : rakshit
Composed by :Austin-rakshit-shaban
( well actually the deal is that I composed the chord structure and sent a scratch to rakshit. He in turn got the lyrics done, and sent me back a scratch.
So we both made our own versions of the song. On showing both of them to shaban, he mixed both of them very nicely … come out with this )

You can download it from the link below

I’ve also done an English version of the song, but it’s in my voice.
And I find it sounding too funny….maybe that’s why I didn’t post the link here.
So till I get it done from a friend, you’ll have to bear hearing nishaniyaan.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Came online and saw no one...Looked around and saw no one.

(This is me writing whatever comes to my head ….and not revisiting to edit anything)

Feeling a bit low today
I was supposed to get a song sung by a friend. But it was just too rainy for any of the parties concerned to make their way out of their cozy homes. Guess if it’s a bit better tomorrow we may get it done. I really want this one to be done.

Felling a bit sick today
Maybe it’s due to the lack of sleep. Went to piyush’s place yesterday and watched the match.
Well we were having animated conversations that lifted the dull moments of the match.

Yeah I know!!!. Lets put some pictures here in this post.
So here are some picturess of yesterday
(well technically today ….coz we took them in the morning.

this is me and piyush ( ponds for short ).....i took it cause i got accused for clicking only pics of myself....heheh.

dont ask ....i dont know what the "F tripple stars" am i doing

a picture well taken by Ponds

ponds trying to feel our butts

and of course....smack the bar girl
( devang was looking like one of them ...contorting his body ---we still dont know why !!! )

i guess i done need to say anything but ......sorry saket boy

You've come here by mistake!!!

In my earlier post, I said something about a maximum of three people visiting my blog.
And since a few of those three seem to differ from that opinion, I have put up a site meter

( I know I am going to say …AHAAA…pretty soon )