Thursday, December 20, 2007


Last night I had been to an informal house-party at lucy’s. The party was to start at about 7 (which by Indian standards means 9). And it did (kind of) start at 9.

The first 20 odd minutes went off pretty slow. The music wasn’t blaring, coz we were waiting for Lucy to fetch the wire that connects the laptop to the sound system. And basically we just looked at her family and they looked back at us. We even looked at her other friends, and they looked back. We had our share of chips and pepsi (and I don’t exactly know why there wasn’t any booze…..would have been superb J with some)


We somehow get the music system in place. And Nikhil (the DJ that he is) kept dancing to the numbers, though nobody else seems to be as excited and jumpy as he.

I believe we all were a bit tired, coming back from work and god knows what.

…..ok blah blah ….this is getting too narrative…so I’ll cut directly to after the dinner.

I had brought my guitar along. So thought I’d play some songs and Lucy and Jwelyn will sing. And we’ll basically have a good time.

But I was mistaken.

I started to play…and before I knew it I was surrounded by all the aunty and uncles I didn’t know. And each one was singing at his/her own pace. Not to mention, the songs that they sang….we’ll I think they were created in the prehistoric age.

Now surrounded by the old folk, I had no escape……so I started to work my brain to say a few magical word “hmm…I don’t to play THAT song”.

So, no matter what they requested, I pretended not to know the song. Special thanks to my friends who insisted on leaving me there, while they themselves prepared to fly away.

… the end of it all , I did manage to break free(the magic words did the trick)

But the day wasn’t so bad. I still don’t believe that lucy is getting married. I don’t believe we can no longer be the “vela” children we were. I still detest the fact that we’re no more into that I’m-not-doing-my-homework-I’m-watching-TV phase.