Sunday, February 19, 2006


Today I had a marathon sleep. Well not really just that I have slept in the afternoon after such a long time that’s it’s not believable.
The day was good.
Got up at 8.30-all groggy. Went for mass. It was Annabel’s confirmation today. Went for the after party-which was great. Of course there was my cousin Ralph who kept reiterating the fact that he wasn’t going to eat crispy chicken cause he didn’t want a crispy death.
Talking of that……… I wonder now if the animal lovers will be glad that people would stop eating chicken for a while or be sad that so many chickens will be slaughtered for nothing.
I guess I don’t have the answer for that one right now. Maybe I shall have some chicken for dinner too to figure that one out.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Of moods and party's

I really am not in the mood of writing a post today ……like it has been for the past few days. May be a major reason behind that is I haven’t yet exposed people to the blog. Or maybe I just don’t want to pen down any thing at all.
Which brings me to asking myself 'why do I attend parties when I don’t feel like being in a “party” place?' . I shot down the idea of attending one such party. But ended up going for the party anyways. Which- might I add- doesn’t turn out to be half as bad I thought it would. There is always some learning to everything that I take up.

Like in this party I attended. Most of the guys were from Xavier’s but to my surprise they actually fancied Hindi numbers when it came up to me ……..and a few others playing on our guitars. The other thing I learnt is that I tend to bear with people who are just beginning to play the guitar, even if it means allowing them mercilessly murder some of the popularly known songs.

so be it ...............more the party's .............. more the learning's.