Monday, April 23, 2007


I think I should write …while I am still excited about it

Been to goa these last few days. Beer by the sea, forged papers, trance music, bumping into someone I’ve not met in months….it’s the stuff movies can be made of (a very cheap movie at that…heheh)

Bates David Enterprise…that’s where I’m currently working. And in their infinite mercy they decide to send 25 of its under 30 slaves to goa.

As luck would have it …I got upgraded to that list cause a few of the higher slaves went off the list.

And so with open arms this agency scum got a flight ticket ( in the name of another person) to himself. Forging papers to fly …was no easy task ….but it all went off without a hitch.

It was my first flight …….and my first time to Goa. And what a time it was.

Booze by the sea, booze at the hotel…..booze on our way there and back. And all that was there was the sand between my toes. The trance music in my ears. The photographs I have in my digicam.

Day one was a REAL adventure.
We were put up into a hotel (Varca Palms) that was a stone throw away from the actual goafest venue. But it was like a light year (and 800 bucks) away from our other colleagues who were put up at a hotel called ALA GOA.

Pull some strings with the organisers by faking an excuse
“ we have to reach the conclave …errr…..but before that we have to pick up a bag from ALA GOA”

sure enough the trick didn’t work….coz the guy we contacted was super cool

he just asked us “ WHAT IS THIS REALLY ABOUT???”

after which we spilled the beans ….only to find ourselves chauffer-driven to ALA GOA….and duly accommodated there……hats off to the organisers who understood our “friendly” plight.

By this time it was already evening and we were starving …..just the thought of not having anything since we left Bombay …and the goan food to come made us hallucinate…..till we reached the food at one of the shacks at beach ….err…what was the name of that beach again??……haa….BetalBatim…( or BetalBati as it is pronounced)

Then came the chilling at the beach till morning….the beers….the sea….the quietness.
The only quietness we’d have in goa….the rest was as noisy as it could get.

Day two…the fest begins
With all that I thought GOAFEST would be …it was better than that …and more.
Booze by the sea ..(again)…..and trance music …ooollllaaalllaaa. People were getting smashed with alcohol…left right and mid centre :-)
The only thing I expected and I didn’t get at the venue….was goan food (well that was to change on day three…you’ll see)

Day three
We basically were so hammered and stoned that we slept all thru the morning. We weren’t in no mood to get rosted in the sun …unless we get to taste the local cuisine.
So we made our way to MARTIN’S

Prawn curry rice
Prawn papad
Chicken vindaloo
Pork goan sausages

(man …my mouth is watering just thinking of it again….hummmm…MUSSELS….deep fried…hmmmm)

We were back to the venue at the beach…and the music was better than it was on the earlier day.

We also sat for the function (as a real side affair..hehehe)

And then it was back to the beach ….where DJ NASHA belted trance hits all through the night till 3.00 am …..and we danced like there was no tomorrow.

Many were sloshed …..only a few didn’t drink much …J ..(the crazy few)

And before we knew it ….it was time to catch our flights back to mumbai

Farewell to goa
Farewell to the narrow roads
Farewell to the goan brothers ( better called patrao’s )
Farewell to the food ( ohhhhh maaannnn…how I’m going to miss it )
Farewell to the trance by the sand
Farewell to the open sky peering back at you

Till we meet again ……farewell

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Lack of inclination to write has bitten me lately.

Much to the dismay of a few, I shall write, as I like. In the past, may have pulled my leg on the way I write …and frankly it doesn’t dither me.

I think this place is somewhere where I can write whatever I want …let it mean whetever it wants to.

Coz I don’t have any client servicing person telling me that “this” word isn’t right … doesn’t mean whaht it was to…..or that it wont be understood.

If you don’t understand what I mean ….err…well maybe you should reading right here

For those few who are still around …there’s not more to look forward for in this post.

Keep it simple.

Yes…that’s a dictum, at least these days. Just keep it plain simple.

(ok I took a writing break ….so that’s explains the unconnected shit)
cheers …..J