Friday, July 18, 2008

What’s better, showing up late or showing up dead?

(The first post from the mobile phone)

Writing this post from my cell. Feeling really weird right now, actually. I’m in the train, right in the first compartment. Just a few minutes ago I watching ‘heroes’ on my iPod.… and the next thing I see, is a man bleeding from the head, all limp on the stretcher, lying in front of me

Maybe he’d got out of his home this morning, thinking he’s had a bad day. It couldn’t get worse, cud it… never know what’s going to hit you. Crow shit, below a tree…a train that didn’t expect you….or life. It’s all too unreal. But so so real at the same time… I’m just not used to death…fuck, who is?

Cud be why I’m frantically typin…not knowing what’s going to come my way….i wanted to pray for him…but I didn’t know what. So I just said….’I pray for peace for your family’ I don’t know if that’s the best I could do. But I’d like to believe I tried. May his soul rest in peace. (at the risk of sounding all preachy on your ass…I’d like to say…pls pls don’t cross the tracks. Showing up late is surely better than showing up dead)

What do you think?

Friday, July 11, 2008

The past

Was just going through some of my earlier posts. For a second there I was like “Is that actually me?” Somehow I enjoyed my post (unlike popular belief….a self proclaimed one at that!!!)

So, what brings me to writing today? Well, I’m in office. And it’s Saturday. And this sucks!

It’s not that bad, if I do think of it. Coz there’s an opportunity to think of some good scripts for Virgin Mobile.

Ok let me run off now…..looks like my boss is waiting in ‘I’ll-fuck-your-happiness-if you-don’t-reach-the-meeting-room-in-5-minutes’ anticipation.