Thursday, January 07, 2010

Written when we just moved into the new office at Parel (December 2009)

The Euro RSCG office just shifted. And a bright, sunny day in this new office calls for a bright, sunny post. So, what should it be about?

Maybe it’ll be about the guy who’s so used to blasting his speakers in his own private section, that he doesn’t realise that now we all have to bear his music. Because this new office is devoid of walls.

Maybe it’ll be about the umpteen number of television sets all across this roundish office that have nothing but the cricket match being beamed out. Why?

Maybe it’ll be about the pantry that’s next to the server room that’s next to the Ladies loo that’s next to the Men’s loo, that’s situated inside a structure that looks like a cupboard.

Maybe this post will be about an office devoid of blinds. Where the sun crawls in from all directions, because it can.

Maybe it’ll be about my computer that suffering from an acute shortage of ram. Forcing me to watch videos like they were slides on a power point presentation.

Whatever this post turns out to be, I think it’s over before it even began.