Friday, June 30, 2006

too lazy ( even to title case this title)

I bet that’s why I hardly write any posts here. Maybe a bigger reason is that I know nobody comes here in any case. Except for an odd number of 3 people ( who I personally think land up here due to typos ).
Somehow I really don’t care. Who cares? Fuck knows.
Listening to its my life by Bon Jovi……maybe that’s the reason that I say such things.

I keep telling myself that I will finish this book by Ayn Rand “The Fountainhead”. But somehow I don’t seem to get past five pages at a stretch.
Sometimes I fall asleep.
Sometimes I end up reading the paper.
Sometimes I end up feeling hungry
Sometimes I just want to go to sleep.

So I have come half way thru the book ( I think its half way )

Excited about this contest I entered a month ago….check the link below

trying to advertise it on Arnolds blog…..talks are still on.

Ok …feeling tooo hungry to write any more … I shall say bye to those 3 people who read my blog. ( bye …in Swedish and in French )

Friday, June 16, 2006

Okay (hitting myself)

This post comes a day after the earlier post below where I thought that I had solved all my popup problems.
But they popups ( images and all ) did return.

So I have gone and tweaked IE to act like a browser that allows nothing to pass through it


( PS: been using the comp since morning …and no pop ups …YET )

Thursday, June 15, 2006


For the past couple of days my comps acting funny.
Actually only internet explorer (hence forth referred to as IE) is
There these 2 irritating pop ups…that not only crop up when the nets on …but also when its off.
And its very pissing off when u get interrupted by a film u are watching. with 2 huge windows blocking the screen. But that’s the least of my problems. Cause if the pop ups were those regular “casino” ones..then its all fine…but these were some porno ones.
I also am not able to view multiple windows at a time ( for which reason I switched to firefox)
And if I am not allowed to open more than one window at a time …….screw the whole concept of WINDOWS

So I rolled up my sleeves …..and tried to google my way out of the problem .
But all its fixes don’t work. ( those Microsoft buggers actually told me that my windows version was pirated ……………..heheheh )

So I thought to myself…..something can be done to get a new IE ….if Microsoft wont help surely there must be some wiz out there that has got a cracked version of every Microsoft product there could be

So I sought the help of lime wire and got the latest version of IE ……….that’s IE7
And I can now safely assume that after installing the new version all info ( and pop ups ) would be deleted.

(Ok now while I was writing this portion the original problem of popup’s re occurred …damn )

So now that I still have this problem ..I was to abandon a post on the same.

But dude …I am not going to give up that easily
I tried in vain to get an online cure ….cause my multiple window problem was solved …but not the porny problem.

So I figured lets juts explore IE. Cause there’s definitely some way I can block a site ( if not the pop up )

So I just copy pasted the site to which the pop up was linked in the “block site” list…..and now I am good to go

The popup’s are still alive ….but at least the page doesn’t display anything …phew!!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

How smart /dumb can you be?

So I am traveling by train back to borivali - wind in my face and a portfolio in my bag that has seen all the ad agencies in b’bay. And in come a whole bunch of strangers ( who were well ….looking pretty strange to me …if not anyone else).
These aunties came right next to me and rested their fat asses. Now if the train was packed like a can of sardines, I wouldn’t mind the my-ass-your-thigh treatment from them. But woman cant u see the whole freaking train is empty ……do u HAVE to sit ( all eight of you’ll)…in one row .

Now as it turns out, I am sitting at the only sweet spot in a train ( window with wind-in-face ...remember)

So I gladly abandon the uncomfortable position that I held , and moved to the opposite side- without the wind of course.

I believe it was a clever ploy to get me out of the sweet spot – and it worked!!!

Ok now I exit the train. And to my surprise, I am on the other end of borivali station.
They have apparently made a new platform number seven (more like platform number 0.5…cause it comes before the first platform ). This new platform is so far away from the others that if you get into the train at the rear end ….you could touch kandivali…..and I am not kidding!!!!

Now there are underground paths made in order to facilitate the public to traverse from one platform to the others at this end (the overhead bridges have always been there to perform this task ). But I would be damned if someone actually uses these undergrounds.

On that day I saw a couple of ladies ( all sari clad and all )…..crossing the tracks

The authorities have erected barricades so that passengers do not cross the tracks.
So in order to cross from platform no.2 to platform no.7 one has to not only walk a distance to cross the barricade but also jump the device meant to stop trains on end stations (such as borivali and churchgate )
What I don’t get is that why would anyone go through all the trouble of walking a distance..and jumping devices ….when it makes more sense to just move your ass through the underground.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Made my way to Leo Burnett today to meet a chap called “russel”
Well he did make it clear to me that he isn’t looking to hire anybody.
So I had gone with the preconceived notion that I wasn’t going to be employed there…but could get some needed feedback on my portfolio.

The guy was frank ….. apart from the many things he had to give in the name of advice, I bought back home one crucial thing that he said

“Be a sponge…..absorb whatever happens around you”

Now don’t get me wrong ….its not like I wasn’t doing that already.
Just that I think I shall be doing it now with even more gusto.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Lets see what’s on TV

Ok so I am not an avid TV viewer. More out of compulsion than out of choice. Because most of the time my dad just keeps hogging the tv since he’s at home most of the time. And I am more than content to catch an occasional flick and some advertisements here and there.

But as I write this I have just abandoned a comedy program called “ jonny alla re “( well at least they believe it is comedy ).
Now I am not anti- jonny lever ……hell I like the guy …and he is a good stand up comic. But I juts cant get myself to find anything funny in the way this program is structured.
I sit in front of the TV …….and nothing.
He opens his mouth………and nothing.
I keep waiting to laugh ….but nothing.

So are u trying to tell me that a guy I thought was funny all my life suddenly goes bland ?
( as I type this I hear sonu nigams on the show ……lets go in the hall and see if its any better )


Saturday, June 03, 2006

Don’t judge a book by its cover.....or its picture

Its been very rare that I have got my hands on a new PC game and installed it myself. I do remember the time that I use to go to my cousin Ralph’s place and try out all those old chip cd’s he had stacked under his keyboard drawer .

( I still remember of all the times I would sneak into the stack and pry out some games and load them on the comp and then not know how to get then off. Only to be caught later in the evening )

In any case my point is that when you load these games, to cut the boredom of seeing a blank screen the developers put in a few stills of the game while you wait for it to load onto the comp.
Now these still would make you think – “man what an awesome game…amazing graphics”
But the truth of it all would be revealed once you actually go ahead and get started on the game .
It would then dawn upon you that what you saw was just a gimmick to make you think that the game was much cooler than it actually is. Before the start of the game too there would be a promo of other games under the same developer ( well most of the games I talk about are from the Electronic Arts stable)

But the other day I got my paws on this game called “total overdose”. Now I aint going to be reviewing the game ( if you think I was going there)
Now while I was loading it the pictures displayed didn’t look all that great. And in my head I could hear a voice say “ dude this game sucks ….if the pics look so ‘normal’ I just cant begin to imagine how lousy the game is going to be “

So I start up the game..And I am greeted with the promo of the game. Now this too has the quality of almost the same as the pictures. So my mind goes back into the whole mode of how the game is going to be.

So I try to put all that behind me hoping for the worst game I have played.

But to my surprise the game looked and felt much like the promos ( which I now realise were really true to what the game actually is )

And the game itself was good to say the least ( am I actually going to end up reviewing the game …..errr……….well…….nope!!!! )

On a totally different topic my friend sent me this link …the best time pass advertising link I have ever seen …………

….a must visit according to me.

Friday, June 02, 2006

“How do you switch off your cell?”

Is the question I was hit with this morning when I was in the loo.

This is what my dad said” I was just LOOKING at your cell and …well…how do u switch it off”

Now I assumed that he just accidentally touched it …so I didn’t bother till I came out and looked at him ….and he began to complete the sentence he had started ealier “ how do u switch it off ….i think somebody called …cause I could hear a hello”

Now I was sure that me cell didn’t ring …so was a bit confused.

I checked the balance …and viola …..i am about 8 rupees poorer ……( I wonder why)

I then realised that dad was not only fiddling with the cell but actually called up a friend of mine ( who be my sheer luck I think was on roaming and most probably in Jaipur)

And here I thought that my cell was safe ( not to mention the balance in it )

So this calls for a drastic step …..well some advice I can render for all those who face a similar problem

1 Let the first name in your address book be a local one for crying out loud

2 if possible let it be one that is just a casual friend ( and not a creative director of a ad agency ….well I do have a couple of those in my book)

3 as a safeguard against this incident reoccurring keep this first 2 to 3 names without any number ( I have kept AAA and AAB as the first two ). So incase someone does “accidentally” freak out on your cell …at least you wouldn’t be calling jaipur and paying for it .

I guess I should educate dad about the cell (I would never know who he’ll call next!!!)