Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Food for thought

There are some who are dying of hunger…

Many have no place to live in…

They’ve got clothes that are no more than a mangy handkerchief…

Roads too bad to be called roads…

Services bad enough to make you want to do things yourself…




They are the ones that really need it ….right?

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Beginning this piece listening to “Vincent”.....

Don’t know what’s going to come out …letters appearing on the screen as I type with callous fingers. The day has been slow. The only thing worth mentioning about today is the time I spent with my guitar today (after a long time)

Wanted to compose a song …but I knew that my mind wasn’t going to work that way …today.

Let’s take the slow train instead.

But I reconsider. It’s “faster” in a fast….(threw you off guard, didn’t i?)

Actually the music abruptly changed ….and maybe that’s why this post too is going to be like the way I always do… smile.

Eight glasses of water

That’s what we’re supposed to have each day. “You’ll be dehydrated if you don’t have 8 glasses a day”, people say. Little do they know.

The other day I was watching this documentary on discovery which had conducted an experiment on two identical twins, for a whole week. Both the twins were given identical meals. The only difference being that one twin was given 8 glasses of water and the other no water at all (ouch…you must be saying to yourself….chill …read on)

At the end of the experiment the twins were clinically tested for moisture content. It was found that neither twin was dehydrated (ok…don’t go to sleep….the lousy story is almost over).

The food that they ate supplied both of them with the water that their bodies needed.

So if you don’t get 8 glasses of water a day (as in actual glasses of water), YOU’RE NOT GOING TO DIE OF DEHYDRATION

(on that note I shal have some water … J)

And while I write all this crap …I’m suddenly famished....KHAANNNNAAAAAAA KIDHAR HAIIIIIII??????