Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pepsi – wanna top ka is my music

Hey …just bounced into this micro site by Pepsi

I think it’s pretty neat for someone who has ear for music, but doesn’t know how to actually play an instrument. That’s because the interface is so simple that even if you don’t know which beat to use where ……it still sounds like you do.

For those who have used garage band in the past, this site would be a cakewalk. You simple drag-drop the required sounds, bass, guitar riffs and bass to suit the mood you’re looking for ….and voila




Control freak (made by arundhati)

Tuesday house (made by arundhati)

Trial dodo

Trippy slippy

I’ve been at it for a while now….and created a few tracks ….do check them out (in case you have nothing much to do in your life)

:-) cheers :-)