Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Give me a gun

Give me a gun
I want to shoot someone

Make sure the bullets are really rusty
It’ll be more fun this way…I know for sure

Give me a gun
His time has come

Make sure the bullets are bigger than his brain
…on second thoughts ….even the smallest bullets would be bigger than that.

Give me a gun
Its time for some fun
Give me a gun
It’s good that they’ve left no rum
Give me a gun
Give me a gun
Give me a gun

Monday, January 22, 2007

Another day

This morning I was coming by the local train to office (late of course). I managed to catch a glimpse of a guy who was chanting some mantras. What was odd was the mode in which he was counting how many times he chanted the mantra.

He was doing it with an AXE CLICKER.

So there you go. The evitable. Advertising meets god.

I don’t really want to get into this whole conversation actually. Advertising advertising advertising. That’s all that’s been talked about whenever my friends and me manage to meet.

So lets talk about something else-My aching head and this cold that doesn’t seem to leave my side.
Its been a week now (maybe more actually), but this cold still seems to persist. I know that its winter and all ….but that doesn’t mean I’ve got to have an eternal cold.

Chal cold toh theek hai …but this sick feeling of your head feeling heavy is what is irritating. More so because I wasn’t able to go to Indore for my cousins wedding. I was so looking forward to going there.

I’ve not been to many places in my life. ( heck I can name a few places I’ve been just on the fingers of one of my hands). There’s also going to be a wedding here at b’bay, but I wanted to go there. Get to know what life would be like. At least if nothing else check out the Indore chicks (* grins in excitement …but realises it just fake…THERE ARE NO CHICKS IN INDORE )

So there you have it. I’m here for some more time. At work and in b’bay.

So long indore ( someday…..someday)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hey I’m back.

With nothing to say, as always. You must have already guessed that it was gonna be this way. And it will always be like this.

Random babbling.
Unwanted words.
Something foolish.
Something stupid.
Many things that don’t mean anything.

A mindless ramble. A waste of web space actually.
Why am I allowed to subject this space to what’s in my head (which of course is empty).
It shouldn’t be allowed. It’s degrading if you see.

Someone somewhere must have thought this would be a good idea. I think so too, but that doesn’t mean I am making any sense.

Not to you.
Not to me.

So I’ll just carry on this way.
There’s a lot I need to know. And I think I’ve said this before …

I seek, but I don’t know what I am expecting to find.

Life’s ironic.
You learn one thing one day. And then the other day it’s suddenly obsolete. Somehow you begin to question why you began to learn (what you did) in the first place.
You give you heart and soul to a few things in life, and then they somehow manage to walk all over you.
I’ve gone thru this before. And now it has happened to me again.

( ok I really don’t know what I’m saying here….coz I’m just getting mixed feelings ….and funnily I cant even point out what I’m thinking of)

I’m irritated.
With this cold I have.
With the weather.
With the lack of belonging.
With the pride of knowing how good I am …but not being able to prove it.
With people who are commissioned to make your life suck.
With cold baths.
With acting like I’m normal.
With work…or the lack of it.

‘Stop tripping” I tell myself “Its all just a phase. It’ll soon pass”.

But when and how…somebody tell me.

I was once called a “sensitive fucker”
And I think I am.
Its so easy for me to trust in some people. Though I’d like to question what going on. I trust people …then lose it…. regain it…only to lose it.

To cut a short story to half……….I’m just irritated!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Its come down to this

I’m getting dumber by the second.
I need change.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Somehow …

I’ve just realised that ive stopped rambling random stuff

So here goes (….again?)

The skin coming out of my cuticles irritates me. Ya I know its winter and its all dry and stuff. But that dosent explain why my face looks like its been plagued with dandruff (when its just dry skin)

Ne way ….don’t even begin to say “use a cold cream”…..coz I don’t like the sticky feeling.

Guys and paunches. Girls and paunches. People with paunches.
It happens to everyone. So whet the difference.
Aha….there’s a BIG BLOODY difference.

Guys with paunches…..don’t care what they stuff their face with.
Girls with paunches….act like they need to have the perfect figure…and starve.

People and their jokes
I don’t get them …I don’t like them …THEN WHY THE FUCK SHOULD I PRETEND TO LAUGH?
Though I must admit I have (many times in the past) tried not to….but in vain.

Dirty keyboards
Are you trying to tell me that you don’t see the half eaten vadapao fall into the keyboard??……seriously.

Eat if you’ve got to …but please don’t feed the keyboard ….more so if its not yours!

Stop talking about the film everyone …I haven’t seen it yet…please stop…NOW!!!
(hmm …as I write ..there are two who talk about the film …that’s what’s irritating)

people having an opinion.
Everybody has one. One when you’re in deep shit. One when you’d like to be alone. One when you want to beat the shit out of someone.

And another one …put in for fun.

I sometimes …
get caught up with rhymes.
Somebody slap some sense into me.

A friend of mine
Told me in good time
But I haven’t listened to her as you see

Getting interrupted
Time and again I’ve tried to finish a post ……and finish this post I will.
But the question here is that I always……

(ok ..i didn’t end up finishing this post too ….i left it in the middle yesterday …..and now I’m just posting whatever I had written)