Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The feeling.

It's a deep breath just before you pull the interview chair.
It's holding your head before saying 'It's ok, i'll take care'.

It's a nervous smile before she grabs your hand.
It's power stance before the stage lights hit your trembling hand.

It's a watering eye at the optician’s place.
It's a pounding heart before the first kiss and embrace.

It's a racing heart after you've just accomplished the impossible.
It's a blank stare when your boss just blamed you for something unfathomable.

It's death after you've had one too many slices of that apple pie.
It's emptiness as you lie awake and alone in bed, fried.

It's contempt when the day is going to blend.
It's madness when you know she's on the next bend.
It's insanity when you're on a weekend.
It's blocked when you near the end.