Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Nth time

For the Nth time I’ve thought of it today
But I still don’t know where I want it to go.
A part of me says it’s all O.K ……But who knows!

The feelings just there …I’m still wondering if I really care.

Being confused is good I’ve heard
But that doesn’t dither me.
The passing phase is all a blur
But I try real hard to see.

There’s always something out there……waiting to be explored.
I won’t be the first one I am sure
But then again who cares about them.
Cause it means much more to me. I’m sure.

At times I feel there’s a lot
between the lines for me to dissect and read.
But at times it feels what I read is not right
And what’s right I do not read.

Being subliminal is not how I do it.
………nor how it was meant to be.
And for the Nth time I’ve thought of it …AGAIN
And I shall see where this day takes me.

24 people

So we finally saw RDB( Rang De Basanti ………..for all those who didn’t get what I meant ).

As a student learning advertising the habit has always been to analyze and rip part those parts of the film that make no sense at all. To an extent I must here say that towards the second half of the film the script goes a wee bit overboard. But I really could not find a single flaw in the entire film. The director has done a fabulous job. The finesse in the film maker is evident in the fact that he comes from an ADVERTISING background. He has interrelated the story of his characters with that of our historical heroes – Rajguru ,Bhagat Singh and the likes. The transition from the present time to the historic era is just mind blowing. Even though the colour changes to sepia ……………the way it has been shot is incredible.

I am all in favor of using weird angles. But the risk one runs is angles at the cost of hurting the viewers’ eye. The film has this integral quality of engaging the audience from the first frame and taking them through the lives of the characters- all the while maintaining unconventional angles to portray it. Not once do you hear yourself saying
“Hey that angle is so bad”. You notice the weird angles only if you are really trying hard to find one (which I was doing, for most of the time)

Another thing that made the film more exciting was the fact that there were 24 of us in all. Half of us occupied the first row in the center column and the other half filled up the rightmost column. Before the interval I was seated in the right most extreme (man your neck hurts if you are on the rightmost extreme). Post interval Piyush(the bright creative spark) decided to shift to the center column …………we kicked some people out of their seats(hehehe they had gone to get some snacks at the time).

The half who were seated on the other side finally decided to make their way to where we were sitting and actually sat on the ground ………… it was almost like they’re watching a movie at a friends place.
All in all it was a fun day.

Friday, January 27, 2006

may it happen again

Today could very well be one that I would remember for a long time.

JOSE PAUL (for those who don’t know is the creative director for ‘David’ an ad-agency known for its child like wackiness) began the class by telling us that he was to give us our grades. These grades were due for a long time – and rightly so as there are 59 of us in the class.

He begins by telling us that he was touched by the efforts we had put in. he continued to make a mention of one Brief (in advertising parlance that would be the stimulus given to the creative guy for him to come out with his creative expression of how HE thinks the client wants his message to be sent across) that stood out.

…………in my mind I didn’t think I’ll stand a chance to be that one lucky person who had caught his eye and so my mind wandered in and out of class………until Prachee nudged me saying that he was referring to the brief that I had submitted.

I kept telling my self that it couldn’t be me ……….

Speaking in retrospect. At the time of writing the brief I had realised that on one extreme a lot of the people in class were writing him abstract poems and on the other extreme very formatted (sequenced and question oriented) briefs.
May be what I wanted to be, was just different …………but I wrote from the heart.

It was then that JOSE announced that the brief that he likes was mine ………not because I had packaged the sheet in a cassette case but because it had all the elements in it that he was looking for

Needless to say I was ecstatic ……………….my first A+.

The joy is not of it being an A+ ……………but for the fact that it comes from JOSE.
Who not only has been known for his antics in the ad world but who comes off as a seriously genuine person.
And being appreciated by a National Creative Director …………it’s my first time and I pray for it to happen again and again and again……………… and again!!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

MooDs et all

There are days when u just are not in the mood. You are in two minds. One seems logical and the other ballistic. You want to rationalize with yourself but fail to do so. The options in front are few but the questioning that goes on is mind boggling.

Like yesterday when a few of us met up at college for a project (….shmoject ) meet. We all had all the free time one could ask for but most of us couldn’t decide where to ‘WASTE IT’. The conflict that I experienced was not that of where do we go but why are we not utilising this time to do something constructive……………as I type this out the feeling still lingers.
I could very well be the one to invent time travel but instead I choose to be in front of my computer typing something that is just a creation in print.

But then at times I also feel that I am running too fast ……….being too ‘BUSY’
I guess that its just the Monday (…….err…I mean Tuesday) blues.

Does anybody have a cure?

Saturday, January 21, 2006

musically high!

Today in class we were given a presentation on how music influences mood. A lot of us do know that it really does, but are amazed by such presentations nevertheless. We listened to a few artists and analysed their styles. We did have a similar class sometime ago.

The professor actually conducted an exercise with a few of us.
The subject was told to sit on a chair and talk about anything random that he wanted to. Once the subject began talking, instrumental music pertaining to a specific mood was played.
Surprisingly all the subjects unknowingly got into topics that were reflective of the mood of the song and even its actual name.

The point being, I always wondered how classical pieces were named.

Take for example this CD I have of Yanni (devotion) the tracks listed are

once upon a time

the end of august


only a memory .............among others.

After today's class I have this vague idea that the composer must have listened to his composition before naming it............Thought for a while .........And then proceeded with the formal naming ceremony.

Or maybe it was the other way around where he pre-named the song according to his mood and then went about composing it.

What do u think?

I am not a classical aficionado-western or Indian- though I am open to listening to any things once I get my hands on it........................it's the perfect time to get musically high!!!

Friday, January 20, 2006

So I finally got to putting up a blog.

Not that I have a slightest clue what I am going to write or that if any one will ever visit my blog again.
So here's to cutting all the crappy formalities of inducting myself to the world of blogging