Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crick Beer Dot Com

It’s just after lunch in office. It’s the Ind-Pak match right now. And I couldn’t care less.

There’s beer in office and the match on the big screen. You can pretty much guess what I’m facing and what I’m not.

I actually don’t mind the match, just that I can see the world losing precious work hours over it. Not that I’m being all productive and shit with this open word doc and a beer in hand… but I’m thinking of all those others who are toggling between excel sheets and or whichever site that is… (apparently, using ellipses drives home the point… or so I assume)

I’m glad they be putting the match on all 4 corners of this office. I’m catching up on all the useless crap we call ads. Yes I said it right. We believe we in a business to make some sense out of Brand Advertising. I don’t know if any of us actually succeed.

Call me a pessimist.

No! seriously… call me a pessimist. I won’t get pissed off. All I will do is gently sip my beer (Like so. Imagine me sipping my beer …right about …here)

My ears hurt…. Because everyone in the office holds a whistle to their lips. The kind that will want you to rather put a knife to your groin then hear it.

A balloon burst somewhere in office. Guess that has nothing to do with the blogpost… but it just happened…just saying!

Some people in office still managing to work. I applaud them. Some people just have to go back to the rut, irrespective of the beer. You guys ROCK!

I’m now sleepy. And I’d rather post this before I decide not to.

Cheers. Beer is waiting.