Friday, December 29, 2006

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

running out of titles

I intended to write YET ANOTHER post on some sidey random topic.

And then I continued to do so….

Been a slow day here at Bates (sounds like I’m forty seven years old man).
The only closest thing to fun that happened is …..well …going for a shoot on the roads of mumbai ..( I guess )

I don’t exactly have anything to do. So thought of writing….nothing seems to be materializing on paper though.

(ok I just got distracted by some people behind talking about some site)

ok back to the topic….(oops …there wasn’t one to begin with)

lets freeze here……the office paintings…yes …finally a topic …yippieeee!!!

There are these millions of painting on the wall here at bates. And I’m cool with all the “arty-farty” stuff man ……but there’s this eyesore of a painting that we (the creatives) got stuck with.
It looks like shit ( really …no kidding)

When it was kept below , to be pinned on the wall, I actually thought that it was a piece of wood that had been stripped by the carpenter to be disposed off as scrap later.

Oh …oh… oh …(hmm …just remembered something…..and no I didn’t mean to make sounds like SANTA MOURNING)

The bunting on the front of the office said “ merry chritmas”

(till someone pointed out that the spelling is wrong….and they unwillingly changed it ..heheh )

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


An odd story I’d like to tell
Can’t say it’s been inspired from heaven
Can neither say hell.

It's about this crazy ball
That bounced about …hit the wall
Tried doing a humpty dumpty
But just wasn’t too tall.

Past the bed
Onward to the hall
Just kept proving that he was… but just a ball

He came to rest
Upon a chest
The one used to keep her clothes.
He wasn’t at all pleased
When he was forced to get on his knees
And now he groans and loathes

Then came the hour
When he felt sour
Coz the other balls were out having fun.
Sony balls they called it
Jonathan Glazer directed it And he really wished he could have got some.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

( )

I think It’s a nice time to write ….
Coz I’m sitting here …and don’t know what to write on this blank sheet of paper (hmm I mean word doc actually)
It’s a Saturday…and I’m in office.
A rare occasion I must say.
I thought of fighting for a radio script which got disapproved yesterday. And I though that getting it recorded would have more of an effect.

I was wrong.

Any way….life still moves on.

On a much lighter note…I did get my first radio script recorded at a studio. Awaiting client approvals for the same. Lets see how that goes.

*Fingers crossed.

It’s a great learning experience I must say.
I think I’m learning to judge my own work. I’m no where there as yet. But I’ll get there some day.

So till there ….cheers to many more scripts getting bombed ….and cheers to all those that do survive to see the light of day.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Sweet surrender
Is what I feel here in her arms.
The way she holds me,
the way she brings out the charms.
In what she does
And what she has to do.
I know she wants me now,
and I know that I want her too.

She loves to sing
in the pouring rain.
She loves the way the people look at her.
She somehow knows
what it’s all about.
I don’t need to say nothing more.

Friday, December 01, 2006


A few ( I mean ‘many’ actually ) failed attempts have made me do this…
Write on my blog.
I don’t really want to write in this state of mind. But the irony of it all is that I end up writing whenever I’m in this kind of mood.

I think this time though…I’ll be blaming it on the medication. Well I wasn’t feeling all that good for a couple of days. Todays seems to be a better day for me. So am here in office. ……wondering!!!

What am I doing here?
Is this really how it was meant to be?
Why am I writing this?
What are the answers I’m seeking?
What’s the question again????

I’m in ‘NO’ mood right now ….

Cant call it good …cant call it bad.

My writing …( as I just realized) has always been in this phase…lately.
And soon the blog design too is going to get a bit more morose……a bit more dark.

Though I think it will look spunky ….(getting to a better mood now)
Lets see…when I get the time …I’ll tinker with it again.

For two days I was TRYING MY ASS OFF at a new blog design…..but all seems like waste to me now.
But tomorrow is a better day …

Lets see…