Friday, December 29, 2006

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

running out of titles

I intended to write YET ANOTHER post on some sidey random topic.

And then I continued to do so….

Been a slow day here at Bates (sounds like I’m forty seven years old man).
The only closest thing to fun that happened is …..well …going for a shoot on the roads of mumbai ..( I guess )

I don’t exactly have anything to do. So thought of writing….nothing seems to be materializing on paper though.

(ok I just got distracted by some people behind talking about some site)

ok back to the topic….(oops …there wasn’t one to begin with)

lets freeze here……the office paintings…yes …finally a topic …yippieeee!!!

There are these millions of painting on the wall here at bates. And I’m cool with all the “arty-farty” stuff man ……but there’s this eyesore of a painting that we (the creatives) got stuck with.
It looks like shit ( really …no kidding)

When it was kept below , to be pinned on the wall, I actually thought that it was a piece of wood that had been stripped by the carpenter to be disposed off as scrap later.

Oh …oh… oh …(hmm …just remembered something…..and no I didn’t mean to make sounds like SANTA MOURNING)

The bunting on the front of the office said “ merry chritmas”

(till someone pointed out that the spelling is wrong….and they unwillingly changed it ..heheh )

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


An odd story I’d like to tell
Can’t say it’s been inspired from heaven
Can neither say hell.

It's about this crazy ball
That bounced about …hit the wall
Tried doing a humpty dumpty
But just wasn’t too tall.

Past the bed
Onward to the hall
Just kept proving that he was… but just a ball

He came to rest
Upon a chest
The one used to keep her clothes.
He wasn’t at all pleased
When he was forced to get on his knees
And now he groans and loathes

Then came the hour
When he felt sour
Coz the other balls were out having fun.
Sony balls they called it
Jonathan Glazer directed it And he really wished he could have got some.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

( )

I think It’s a nice time to write ….
Coz I’m sitting here …and don’t know what to write on this blank sheet of paper (hmm I mean word doc actually)
It’s a Saturday…and I’m in office.
A rare occasion I must say.
I thought of fighting for a radio script which got disapproved yesterday. And I though that getting it recorded would have more of an effect.

I was wrong.

Any way….life still moves on.

On a much lighter note…I did get my first radio script recorded at a studio. Awaiting client approvals for the same. Lets see how that goes.

*Fingers crossed.

It’s a great learning experience I must say.
I think I’m learning to judge my own work. I’m no where there as yet. But I’ll get there some day.

So till there ….cheers to many more scripts getting bombed ….and cheers to all those that do survive to see the light of day.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Sweet surrender
Is what I feel here in her arms.
The way she holds me,
the way she brings out the charms.
In what she does
And what she has to do.
I know she wants me now,
and I know that I want her too.

She loves to sing
in the pouring rain.
She loves the way the people look at her.
She somehow knows
what it’s all about.
I don’t need to say nothing more.

Friday, December 01, 2006


A few ( I mean ‘many’ actually ) failed attempts have made me do this…
Write on my blog.
I don’t really want to write in this state of mind. But the irony of it all is that I end up writing whenever I’m in this kind of mood.

I think this time though…I’ll be blaming it on the medication. Well I wasn’t feeling all that good for a couple of days. Todays seems to be a better day for me. So am here in office. ……wondering!!!

What am I doing here?
Is this really how it was meant to be?
Why am I writing this?
What are the answers I’m seeking?
What’s the question again????

I’m in ‘NO’ mood right now ….

Cant call it good …cant call it bad.

My writing …( as I just realized) has always been in this phase…lately.
And soon the blog design too is going to get a bit more morose……a bit more dark.

Though I think it will look spunky ….(getting to a better mood now)
Lets see…when I get the time …I’ll tinker with it again.

For two days I was TRYING MY ASS OFF at a new blog design…..but all seems like waste to me now.
But tomorrow is a better day …

Lets see…

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


It’s so nice to know

That people are watching your back.
That everyone’s waiting to screw you.
That life’s a ball game.
That wrestling in the mud is dirty.
That you can understand whatever I say.
That you misconstrue what I don’t mean.
That the world is a profound place.
That you may not want to be in a place.
That beauty isn’t what it is.
That people are smart.
That sun bathing makes you hot
and your hands going to burn in a boiling pot.

It’s nice to know

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

If i was to write a title ...then i would have

I’ve always believed in divine providence …..and all that kind of mumbo jumbo.
Coz I really think things work …coz there were meant to.
You meet people that you are supposed to …and you a never meet those you weren’t destined to meet.

And I’ve always liked it this way.

Sure things aren’t easier…heck they are tougher if anything.

Coz there’s always the frustration of not beign able to do a particular job, or not achieve something that you’ve really given your ass on sale for. It gets to your head sometimes. But then there’s the realization that dawns….( don’t ask me from where it dawns …coz I’m still searching for that answer)

Its time to go off on a tangent here..

Pink….whats with women and pink.
Arundhati just got a new bag from ADIDAS that’s BRIGHT FLUORESCENT PINK. And she sits next to me in office …with that pink thing there by her side.

Don’t get me wrong here …it’s a good color and all…

But I don’t get the female fascination with pink!!!
A classmate at XIC once gave a speech on how she loved pink….i really didn’t get the point.

But I realize that I may like/dislike many things in this world that others find funny ( or even weird)…….so its all ok
You be yourself
And i……………………well …I’ll just be myself

This reminds me of a song I had once written ( and composed)
That went like this

No one told me
the way its gonna be now.
No one told me
That it’ll happen somehow.
no one told me …
To change myself someday.
So I’ll just be myself today

And blah blah…there was a verse or two …which I now have lost the interest to write here….so I’ll shut my trap on this one.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


i actually want to beat the crap out of the next person i see

but instead i choose to copy paste this
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,
bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens,
brown paper packages tied up with strings,
these are a few of my favorite things.

Cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels,
door bells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles.
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings.
these are a few of my favorite things.

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes,
snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes,
silver white winters that melt into springs,
these are a few of my favorite things.

When the dog bites, when the bee stings,
when I'm feeling sad,
I simply remember my favorite things,
and then I don't feel so bad.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I’ve been reduced to this

We’ve just shifted office ( ahem …I mean bates India has shifted office )
The new place is …well ….the old enterprise nexus office.

Mohammed looked real happy in the mornig when he came in 9 rather early …to no ones surprise)

I’ve got a new desk …..and the same old “chuna” comp.
No complains actually.
Just that there’s a huge pole. …preventing me from sitting comfortably.
(and I just read that last line again ….and had a very stupid corny smile…..)

just getting used to sitting here ….feeling a bit cold.
But I guess that’ll happen.
I seek recourse in knowing that I’m around people who I can gel with.

I’m dying to get my paws on a pair of speakers ( or at least a pair of headphones …so I can BEAR my own music)

The smell of fresh paint
The feeling of a new place
It feels like moving into anew home …in a way.

Not that I’m very close to people in the office ….but I guess the bonding I have with a few people … special to me.

I somehow feel I’m trying to emulate a certain style of writing ……breaking my paragraphs into a line or two.
But I somehow do realize that that’s the way I write.

I once got accused by a friend …that I always present both the sides of the argument …so there’s no space for the reader
But if you ask me …I really don’t care
(did I do it again?…..I don’t know ….maybe …….hey I did do it ..hahahahah )

it’s a bit funny when people can figure you out ….or when you figure out people.
Its gets scary at times.
I somehow remembered of Josy Paul…the NCD of DAVID
Our whole class at XIC ( well …most of them at least ) felt that he could read your thoughts …with his staring eyes.

(ok I went out for lunch … I have lost my trail of thought …so lets wee what comes out next…the next time I sit to write …that is )

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I hate writing titles

I’ve noticed ….(well actually it was pointed out to me )
that some people write for themselves.
Not because they want others to comment on it.
Not because they really want to know what people think about what they write.
Not because it really makes a difference to their lives.
Not because they want others to judge them by what they write ( let alone understand what they say )

And there are others
Who write purely for the pleasure of someone else reading it.

I would like to believe that I fall into category NUMERO UNO.

I say this….coz I always end up writing what I think.
And exactly what I think.

I don’t really care about what comes up
(like I was going to actually break off this stupid discussion ….and talk about the scrumptious chocolate that I just ate …ahhhh )

but coming back to the main point

Oh fuck the main point …..i just want to say what I want to
( and if anybody’s actually reading ……ha-ha….tricked you )

Monday, October 16, 2006

I love using brackets ...............( ohhh really!!!)

I’ve got to go for dinner…

But I wanted to post something new.
Somehow I have realized that people WANT me to write something on my blog.

(ok who EXACTLY am I kidding here….i’m just making that up ….but for whom?? ..i don’t know )

Any which way
As I was saying ….ya ….what was I saying again

(got distracted by some song I was playing on my comp …..which suddenly turned hindi in the middle of it ……these limewire downloads can sometimes play havoc with your lives )

Ok..ok….stop getting distracted ….concentrate…..CONCENTRATE

(damn …I just broke a glass that was lying in the hall…..hope dad wasn’t having a drink in it.

………………………’s not good to waste rum you know )

Since I don’t think I shall be remotely able to concentrate on writing something that makes sense as a whole ……..

(really ….who exactly am I kidding here ….i never write anything that makes sense……that’s the very essence of my blog…….and I think Mr rakshit doshi can testify to that )


My computer has randomly hit a “70’s” spot
And its playing

What is love? By haddaway

Wonder what the guy must have gone thru……and if the song was really written by someone who was GAY ….coz it REALLY SOUNDS GAY………..ok I think I should change the song on my comp.

Lets see……hitting next


Something’s wrong with my comp ..its playing

How do I live – Leann Rhymes


could I be more sleepy?
Well …you’ll never know


Thursday, October 05, 2006



All I want to do right now is pull out the hair on my head … running it through the office shredder!!!

Its so irritating to be accused of slacking off. When all one tries to do is work …and work hard. I don’t mind getting fired for stuff I have done. But what makes my blood boil is that fact that I get the raw end of things.

I know that the people I work with want me to do good. But what I cannot seem to understand is their definition of good. Or their definition of GREAT. Or maybe even LOUSY !!!

“It’s all in your head ….and will remain just there”

don’t exactly know what to say here …coz I just got disturbed by a call I had to attend.
But then again I don’t want to go back into that fuckall mood I was in*

I don’t need you give me an answer. Coz I know everyone is as screwed as me when it comes to matters like these.

Its been about 2-3 months since I’ve started work. But all I’ve got is ideas that has been shot down and made to die a VERY unnatural death. I really need to know why. And the whole problem starts here.

I REALLY have no clue what works and what dosent. And I believe that I do. But somehow I keep going back to the “creativity is subjective” argument.
And I don’t see myself finding a solution to this whimsical predicament soon.!!!

Monday, October 02, 2006


I want to say what I feel. And the only way I can do it is here. I don’t care if this space makes you want “not to read” . but its just like this.
I don’t write to make you feel good. Or write of what make me feel good.
But I write for me.
Knowing well that its just an opening into emptying out my already empty mind.

I may be contradictory. But I live in the moment.

I’m not feeling too good about this. I know I never will.
( and the light behind my computer screen isint making it any easier for me to look at the screen when I type….but I think I can live with it )

I just want to say ….
Maybe not.

If you get what I am trying to say ….tell me

I don’t want to speak about it ...
At least not right now

Monday, September 11, 2006


There are days when I end up writing shit. I look back and wonder…if it really was me writing that.

But I know it is

There’s no denying it. I go through these weird phases throughout. There are no explanations to them, they just are.
There has been a lot happening lately, nothing that I can bore most of there readers here with….except….


I’ve just been distracted by some people in office…so again I have lost my trail of thought ( or is it train of thought…sheesh ..i’m so bad at this …and I CALL myself a copywriter….or at least the job profile says )

And so I shall keep this post for some other time ….when there aren’t any distractions at office


Friday, September 08, 2006


Justify the means to wake out of this fury. Take a platter and make it a rope. Just do the things you want to do. the things that trouble you as you go mad. Wondering what your trying to say. Knowing all too well that it means nothing. Its on says like these that I don’t know what to say. What to make sense of. I am again at that same “raped” state of mind. Its funny how often these days come. Its beginning to bother me . knowing that I don’t exactly know why this is happening. I want some reasons that I can convince myself with. Come one …someone tell me why.

Ive always been saying that sometimes one dosent need an explanation …but I want one now. Or at least I think I do. If all this seems like gibberish ….well it is.

I don’t know what I am typing. Just putting my hand on the keyboard and letting it fly. Fly like it has never done before….fast ….fast …faster. Stopping for just a brief moment ..just to see the people around the office ….and wondering what do I need to do next, to prove my worth here.
Have a fight with someone.
Sit alone …and come out with something that I would be proud of
Look into space …and be tagged as the one who dosent do anything.
I really don’t know
I really cant say
I really don’t know whats happening man

I know I am pissing off the few people that do come to this blog
But I really am just venting out my anger
Anger that I cant explain ….

And if I do …I don’t think its going to make any sense all I’d rather not say a word

Lord I pray …that I don’t see many days like these

Thursday, August 24, 2006

blah blah.......blah

Its been a while, or so I feel, since I have written anything.
But somehow I don’t feel the urge to write.its like the tenth time I must have said this. Not only to myself, but also on this blog.
I began to read this book “The Fountainhead” …but somehow I have not been able to finish it yet. Its more because of my laziness, or so I feel.
At the time I began reading it, I wasn’t working. So whenever I got to actually opening the book…I fell asleep. Its been like this the day I have got the book.

So I finally decided to get some reading done ……..IN THE TRAIN.

Needless to say ….i dunked that idea too.

We all know what the local trains are like ….so I most certainly cant enter a train in one piece….let alone READ!!!

Going off tangent
Just wanted to say …..what’s with double meaning talk
Does it put off people….or is it dope for a good joke
I don’t get the difference… shall continue with it ….regardless of who gets offended

I just realized that most of my posts…are random thoughts that come to me head.somehow I cant stick to one topic at a time. My brain just keep going on, faster than my hand can type. Just a while ago I almost annoyed the people around with my furious typing. Cant help it man…..just so much to type.

I’ve not touched my guitar for many days …..and when I mean many …I actually mean four.
In retrospect……there were times when I could not study …if I didn’t take the guitar and make some noise in a day. Those were the days

And as I say this ….some guy sitting opposite me has started playing the song “time of your life” …by GreenDay


I don’t really know

But I can’t really tell

Time seems to be moving faster than I expected it to.
Seems like yesterday that I was at my earlier college NM ( opposite mithibhai ….i still don’t know how to spell it right)

Ahhh NM
Had many crushes there ….but I am so glad that nothing worked out
There’s an age old theory …everything happens for a reason

I’ll never know the reason ..but I know there’s one out there
I think I should have an abrupt sign off for a post like this ……maybe…

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Being vague

Touch your head ….
and keep your hand there.
You look stupid. And you don’t need me to tell you that. Maybe someone’s out there, next to your window, wondering what the fuck your doing.

….ive been giving a lot of them ….as adjectives …nouns and verbs
But I think I should stop …will try to stop ( ghanta )

Contemplation ….
On what I want to say …or do …..or say again
Not knowing what I am going to write next
Trying not to make sense ……

I don’t need to try hard ….do I ?

Vent it out …
Well ….speaking about anger.
But I don’t have such anger ….so ….lets leave the venting for some other time.

Trying again…
I make as many grammatical errors I can …and to confuse the shit out of you
Have I succeeded?
Have I ?

I’m not drunk ….or high…or whatever
But I just want to type

Inconsequentially , futility, alliaceous, goosander
( ok I don’t know what they mean … but you could check out )

I might just be loosing it

Shmtier ………………………….Phbbbbbbbbt!!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Well I originally thought of writing a lot here in this post
But I guess I can leave that for later

I just happened to bump into the national anthem of Pakistan

And I found it really cool ……and I’ve been recommending it to each and every person I have met today

You can download a compresed version of it from this site
( scroll down to DOWNLOAD MP3 FROM HERE )

It goes like this


Pak sarzamin shad bad

Kishware haseen shad bad

Tunishane azmealishan arze Pakistan

Markazeyaqin shadbad.

Pak sarzamin ka nizam quwate akhuwati awam

Qaum, mulk, Sultanat

Painda ta binda bad shad, bad man zele murad.

Parchame sitarao hilat

Rahbare tarraqio ka mal

Tarjumane mazishane hal jane istaqbal

Sayyai, khudae zul jalal.

English translation

Blessed be the sacred land,

Happy be the bounteous realm,

Symbol of high resolve, Land of Pakistan.

Blessed be thou citadel of faith.

The Order of this Sacred Land

Is the might of the brotherhood of the people.

May the nation, the country, and the State

Shine in glory everlasting.

Blessed be the goal of our ambition.

This flag of the Crescent and the Star

Leads the way to progress and perfection,

Interpreter of our past, glory of our present,

Inspiration of our future,

Symbol of Almighty's protection.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Just in a raped state of mind

I don’t know what I am going to write
Ive just come here coz I really don’t know what to do next
I tried concentrating on what I am supposed to do at work …but I kept drawing blanks

And frankly that’s a bit irritating

In the traditional sense it would be called a writers block…but heck I wasn’t even writing.

Its seems to be bright and sunny outside. That’s not necessarily a good thing, cause my comp is right in front of the window and the contrast isn’t making me think any faster.
And I say again …I don’t know what I am going to write.

Its been a week now. I have finally got a computer for myself. Not a great joy though cause the yahoo messenger doesn’t seem to work . screw it!!!
I am still learning the agency way of doing things
And learning a lot.

I think I shall go into the random mode again

People keep staling my pen ….but somehow I seem to find it always.
I came to know more people in the office ….although there still are some who don’t want to be know ….its ok ……I don’t understand it …but its ok.

I came to know some shaking facts about people …which I shall not discuss. I know very less …and I may have misconstrued the information I overheard.

So lets leave all that aside.

I somehow believe that I should get back to work

( and while I say that ….someone behind me ….who seems to be equally frustrated just said “what the fuck am I doing yaar?”)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

a post from "mere boss ki cumputer"

yo peoples
i just wanted you to know that i still don’t know where i am supposed to be sitting
so for the time being i am using the comp that my boss uses

This should be fun

*looks around and enjoys his success with evil laughter*
*looks around again and notices someone looking suspiciously*

So I got a job ……that doesn’t mean I did some work

I just got placed in an ad agency called bates
And today was my first day.
I thought that I would be immersed in ….well least something to do
But I was bored to death man. The only thing I did …..That remotely kept me busy was read the advertising books.
Not just for people who don’t get it, these award book are not something that they made me do or that you need to know anything about, but its just the fascination for advertising and ads that got me to spend my day drooling over the books .

My immediate boss came in at ( …err….i don’t even remember that ….man I think I was engrossed in those books ).
Any ways ….as I was saying ….he came in and looked at me. I gave him that “I am so pakaooed” look
To which he said “ I want you to get bored for the first 2 days “

So basically that means I’ll be having nothing at all to do all of tomorrow

Day one was cool though
I got the feeling that everyone was busy …but did get the time to make that odd joke …and play a game on their comp…..and of course check their mail

somehow you can make out who are the people in Client Servicing.
I don’t know why …but they have this whole “oh I am so fucked up “look

And the Creatives have this “I am the one responsible for that ” ( pointing towards the Client Servicing person )

Sunday, July 16, 2006

You lucky bastards

If you are reading this, consider yourself lucky, because I can’t!
My computer refuses to open any (dot)blogspot blogs.
And there are just a few which I do visit regularly …one of which is family.

A couple of days ago I realized that I wanted to write a lot (well I don’t really remember about what ….so lets leave it at that ). But my blog didn’t seem to open…and I tried frantically.
I tried googl’ing the solution…but couldn’t get one.
I sent a mail to Arnold ….and he gave me a (dot)blogspot I return ( little did he realize that it wasn’t going to open )

But I did figure out that I could put in a new post…..even if I can’t view MY OWN BLOG

So here I am writing shit that I cannot access

I am new to blogging

So if this looks like a place where I mumble randomly – you guessed it right!
So is there anybody else there who is going thru the same misery?

( I just realized that if you too are having the same problem …..Well….there’s no way you are reading this ….but if you are, then you can let me know at )

now shoo....all u lucky bastards

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Just so many things

There are about a zillion thoughts in my pea sized brain.
And I need to vent it out somewhere, so here goes.

The blasts and us
The only thing I can ask is why?
What sense does it make? If someone reading this is a part of any militant group, be my guest and reply. This whole episode seems like a videogame
The only difference
No saved levels
No extra lives
No sanity

Just real people
Real blood

The blast and ‘them’
We can’t do anything so lets blame the government.
As I was watching last nights coverage, it struck me that when something like this takes place, how the fuck can you expect the police, the ambulance and the firefighters to be all there at all these places at the same time.
Lets face it people
The government isn’t god. They are not going to pop in the second you scream out for an ambulance.
What I am saying may sound like a pile of poop to some.
But I don’t care.

The blast coverage
Given the chance I would personally go to the star news people and ask insane questions to them.
And repeat these questions a hundred times.
Get a life man!!
Instead of asking banal questions get a list from all the hospitals of the injured and deceased and put them up on the news. Make some sense of your broadcasts.

The blast – hutch – the retailers
Since I have been over using the cell since yesterday, sending messages to family and friends, I decided to get it refilled this morning. I happen to go to this retail shop just outside my building.
The guy at the counter blatantly refuses to give me a recharge card. It came as a surprise but I managed to ask him why I was being refused a recharge and where could I get one, if not in his shop. It so happens that the retailers are on a strike due to some commission issues with hutch (and maybe others I am not aware of ….airtel etc ).
Now I don’t know exactly when this “strike” started, but isn’t that stupid.
Just when the cell phone, and more importantly the sms system,is working just right.

Strike my ass.

The hutch people
I ended up at the hutch shop and stood at a counter for about fifteen minutes.
The lady sitting opposite me in there behind the glass was hot and not to mention buxom.
That’s where the confusion started.
But I didn’t know where to look. If I would look up over her head, she would have said something thru that glass and I wouldn’t have heard her, giving the guy behind me an opportunity to swoop in.
If I look at her eyes she would think I am ogling at her.
And there was no way in hell I could look at her hands, cause they were right in front of her ….ahem…..assets.
So I kept changing my glance. Surely she must have thought that I had an acute drug problem.

The feeling at hutch
Its NOISY man!
It’s not possible not to loose ones cool. Forget working there. I didn’t even want to stand there as a customer.
In comes Jhonny “ do you want to change your plan” bravo.
So I politely shoo him off
( don’t want to relive the whole experience … I shall not write about this)

Random observation
If you take an alternative route – you may not reach any faster
( I tried the same today )

If you want to cross the road – don’t look in the direction from where there isn’t any traffic approaching – you may get hit by the oncoming traffic …..DUFFER
( some stupid guy on the main road…luckily Jhonny is alive )

No matter how many times I look out my window, I always see either the watchman or the old ladies from my building
( I think I should shift house )

I like writing these observations
( proves to me that I have lost it )

No matter how many mails one sends to the XIC group ( yahoo group of my class )
There’s always someone who says “ Oh I didn’t get that mail “
( just amazing )

Mumbai spirit
( dudes …Mumbai is dying …its not going to be long before its going to be just Mumbai …NO SPIRIT )

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I shall write today

My computer and my landline have a funny alliance.
The landline is dead since the last rains, but the net (as I discovered) works.
And people don’t seem to believe me.

“How can your landline be dead and the net work?……are you on grass or something?”
Rhetorical as these trivial questions seem I have to assure “The People’s” that nothings wrong.

Boredom has got the better of me, and of course my friend RAKSHIT.
So we ended up meeting at his place and got a song done, with the help of shaban on vocals

Sung by: Shaban
Lyrics by : rakshit
Composed by :Austin-rakshit-shaban
( well actually the deal is that I composed the chord structure and sent a scratch to rakshit. He in turn got the lyrics done, and sent me back a scratch.
So we both made our own versions of the song. On showing both of them to shaban, he mixed both of them very nicely … come out with this )

You can download it from the link below

I’ve also done an English version of the song, but it’s in my voice.
And I find it sounding too funny….maybe that’s why I didn’t post the link here.
So till I get it done from a friend, you’ll have to bear hearing nishaniyaan.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Came online and saw no one...Looked around and saw no one.

(This is me writing whatever comes to my head ….and not revisiting to edit anything)

Feeling a bit low today
I was supposed to get a song sung by a friend. But it was just too rainy for any of the parties concerned to make their way out of their cozy homes. Guess if it’s a bit better tomorrow we may get it done. I really want this one to be done.

Felling a bit sick today
Maybe it’s due to the lack of sleep. Went to piyush’s place yesterday and watched the match.
Well we were having animated conversations that lifted the dull moments of the match.

Yeah I know!!!. Lets put some pictures here in this post.
So here are some picturess of yesterday
(well technically today ….coz we took them in the morning.

this is me and piyush ( ponds for short ).....i took it cause i got accused for clicking only pics of myself....heheh.

dont ask ....i dont know what the "F tripple stars" am i doing

a picture well taken by Ponds

ponds trying to feel our butts

and of course....smack the bar girl
( devang was looking like one of them ...contorting his body ---we still dont know why !!! )

i guess i done need to say anything but ......sorry saket boy

You've come here by mistake!!!

In my earlier post, I said something about a maximum of three people visiting my blog.
And since a few of those three seem to differ from that opinion, I have put up a site meter

( I know I am going to say …AHAAA…pretty soon )

Friday, June 30, 2006

too lazy ( even to title case this title)

I bet that’s why I hardly write any posts here. Maybe a bigger reason is that I know nobody comes here in any case. Except for an odd number of 3 people ( who I personally think land up here due to typos ).
Somehow I really don’t care. Who cares? Fuck knows.
Listening to its my life by Bon Jovi……maybe that’s the reason that I say such things.

I keep telling myself that I will finish this book by Ayn Rand “The Fountainhead”. But somehow I don’t seem to get past five pages at a stretch.
Sometimes I fall asleep.
Sometimes I end up reading the paper.
Sometimes I end up feeling hungry
Sometimes I just want to go to sleep.

So I have come half way thru the book ( I think its half way )

Excited about this contest I entered a month ago….check the link below

trying to advertise it on Arnolds blog…..talks are still on.

Ok …feeling tooo hungry to write any more … I shall say bye to those 3 people who read my blog. ( bye …in Swedish and in French )

Friday, June 16, 2006

Okay (hitting myself)

This post comes a day after the earlier post below where I thought that I had solved all my popup problems.
But they popups ( images and all ) did return.

So I have gone and tweaked IE to act like a browser that allows nothing to pass through it


( PS: been using the comp since morning …and no pop ups …YET )

Thursday, June 15, 2006


For the past couple of days my comps acting funny.
Actually only internet explorer (hence forth referred to as IE) is
There these 2 irritating pop ups…that not only crop up when the nets on …but also when its off.
And its very pissing off when u get interrupted by a film u are watching. with 2 huge windows blocking the screen. But that’s the least of my problems. Cause if the pop ups were those regular “casino” ones..then its all fine…but these were some porno ones.
I also am not able to view multiple windows at a time ( for which reason I switched to firefox)
And if I am not allowed to open more than one window at a time …….screw the whole concept of WINDOWS

So I rolled up my sleeves …..and tried to google my way out of the problem .
But all its fixes don’t work. ( those Microsoft buggers actually told me that my windows version was pirated ……………..heheheh )

So I thought to myself…..something can be done to get a new IE ….if Microsoft wont help surely there must be some wiz out there that has got a cracked version of every Microsoft product there could be

So I sought the help of lime wire and got the latest version of IE ……….that’s IE7
And I can now safely assume that after installing the new version all info ( and pop ups ) would be deleted.

(Ok now while I was writing this portion the original problem of popup’s re occurred …damn )

So now that I still have this problem ..I was to abandon a post on the same.

But dude …I am not going to give up that easily
I tried in vain to get an online cure ….cause my multiple window problem was solved …but not the porny problem.

So I figured lets juts explore IE. Cause there’s definitely some way I can block a site ( if not the pop up )

So I just copy pasted the site to which the pop up was linked in the “block site” list…..and now I am good to go

The popup’s are still alive ….but at least the page doesn’t display anything …phew!!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

How smart /dumb can you be?

So I am traveling by train back to borivali - wind in my face and a portfolio in my bag that has seen all the ad agencies in b’bay. And in come a whole bunch of strangers ( who were well ….looking pretty strange to me …if not anyone else).
These aunties came right next to me and rested their fat asses. Now if the train was packed like a can of sardines, I wouldn’t mind the my-ass-your-thigh treatment from them. But woman cant u see the whole freaking train is empty ……do u HAVE to sit ( all eight of you’ll)…in one row .

Now as it turns out, I am sitting at the only sweet spot in a train ( window with wind-in-face ...remember)

So I gladly abandon the uncomfortable position that I held , and moved to the opposite side- without the wind of course.

I believe it was a clever ploy to get me out of the sweet spot – and it worked!!!

Ok now I exit the train. And to my surprise, I am on the other end of borivali station.
They have apparently made a new platform number seven (more like platform number 0.5…cause it comes before the first platform ). This new platform is so far away from the others that if you get into the train at the rear end ….you could touch kandivali…..and I am not kidding!!!!

Now there are underground paths made in order to facilitate the public to traverse from one platform to the others at this end (the overhead bridges have always been there to perform this task ). But I would be damned if someone actually uses these undergrounds.

On that day I saw a couple of ladies ( all sari clad and all )…..crossing the tracks

The authorities have erected barricades so that passengers do not cross the tracks.
So in order to cross from platform no.2 to platform no.7 one has to not only walk a distance to cross the barricade but also jump the device meant to stop trains on end stations (such as borivali and churchgate )
What I don’t get is that why would anyone go through all the trouble of walking a distance..and jumping devices ….when it makes more sense to just move your ass through the underground.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Made my way to Leo Burnett today to meet a chap called “russel”
Well he did make it clear to me that he isn’t looking to hire anybody.
So I had gone with the preconceived notion that I wasn’t going to be employed there…but could get some needed feedback on my portfolio.

The guy was frank ….. apart from the many things he had to give in the name of advice, I bought back home one crucial thing that he said

“Be a sponge…..absorb whatever happens around you”

Now don’t get me wrong ….its not like I wasn’t doing that already.
Just that I think I shall be doing it now with even more gusto.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Lets see what’s on TV

Ok so I am not an avid TV viewer. More out of compulsion than out of choice. Because most of the time my dad just keeps hogging the tv since he’s at home most of the time. And I am more than content to catch an occasional flick and some advertisements here and there.

But as I write this I have just abandoned a comedy program called “ jonny alla re “( well at least they believe it is comedy ).
Now I am not anti- jonny lever ……hell I like the guy …and he is a good stand up comic. But I juts cant get myself to find anything funny in the way this program is structured.
I sit in front of the TV …….and nothing.
He opens his mouth………and nothing.
I keep waiting to laugh ….but nothing.

So are u trying to tell me that a guy I thought was funny all my life suddenly goes bland ?
( as I type this I hear sonu nigams on the show ……lets go in the hall and see if its any better )


Saturday, June 03, 2006

Don’t judge a book by its cover.....or its picture

Its been very rare that I have got my hands on a new PC game and installed it myself. I do remember the time that I use to go to my cousin Ralph’s place and try out all those old chip cd’s he had stacked under his keyboard drawer .

( I still remember of all the times I would sneak into the stack and pry out some games and load them on the comp and then not know how to get then off. Only to be caught later in the evening )

In any case my point is that when you load these games, to cut the boredom of seeing a blank screen the developers put in a few stills of the game while you wait for it to load onto the comp.
Now these still would make you think – “man what an awesome game…amazing graphics”
But the truth of it all would be revealed once you actually go ahead and get started on the game .
It would then dawn upon you that what you saw was just a gimmick to make you think that the game was much cooler than it actually is. Before the start of the game too there would be a promo of other games under the same developer ( well most of the games I talk about are from the Electronic Arts stable)

But the other day I got my paws on this game called “total overdose”. Now I aint going to be reviewing the game ( if you think I was going there)
Now while I was loading it the pictures displayed didn’t look all that great. And in my head I could hear a voice say “ dude this game sucks ….if the pics look so ‘normal’ I just cant begin to imagine how lousy the game is going to be “

So I start up the game..And I am greeted with the promo of the game. Now this too has the quality of almost the same as the pictures. So my mind goes back into the whole mode of how the game is going to be.

So I try to put all that behind me hoping for the worst game I have played.

But to my surprise the game looked and felt much like the promos ( which I now realise were really true to what the game actually is )

And the game itself was good to say the least ( am I actually going to end up reviewing the game …..errr……….well…….nope!!!! )

On a totally different topic my friend sent me this link …the best time pass advertising link I have ever seen …………

….a must visit according to me.

Friday, June 02, 2006

“How do you switch off your cell?”

Is the question I was hit with this morning when I was in the loo.

This is what my dad said” I was just LOOKING at your cell and …well…how do u switch it off”

Now I assumed that he just accidentally touched it …so I didn’t bother till I came out and looked at him ….and he began to complete the sentence he had started ealier “ how do u switch it off ….i think somebody called …cause I could hear a hello”

Now I was sure that me cell didn’t ring …so was a bit confused.

I checked the balance …and viola …..i am about 8 rupees poorer ……( I wonder why)

I then realised that dad was not only fiddling with the cell but actually called up a friend of mine ( who be my sheer luck I think was on roaming and most probably in Jaipur)

And here I thought that my cell was safe ( not to mention the balance in it )

So this calls for a drastic step …..well some advice I can render for all those who face a similar problem

1 Let the first name in your address book be a local one for crying out loud

2 if possible let it be one that is just a casual friend ( and not a creative director of a ad agency ….well I do have a couple of those in my book)

3 as a safeguard against this incident reoccurring keep this first 2 to 3 names without any number ( I have kept AAA and AAB as the first two ). So incase someone does “accidentally” freak out on your cell …at least you wouldn’t be calling jaipur and paying for it .

I guess I should educate dad about the cell (I would never know who he’ll call next!!!)

Friday, May 26, 2006

Humm that’s odd!!!

The other day I was coming home at around 7.00 (an odd time to come home actually cause most of the time I don’t reach before 10.30) and I am walking towards the end of the first platform at Borivali station.

Now you must have heard the standard announcements on the platform which say something like “ platform number chaar par aane wali sayaadri express ek ghanta deri se aani ki sambhavana rakhti hai” ( or something like that …pardon the mac hindi )

In any case the above announcement means that the train would PROBABLY be late.

But funnily I heard this announcement
“ platform number chaar par aane wali sayaadri express aaj apne NIRDHARATH SAMAY PAR aane ki sambhavana rakthi hai” ….which means that today the train might actually come on time.

So I believe that many passengers must have died of the shock that the train is on time.

I also pity those unfortunate ones who must have assumed the IST (Indian stretchable time) and come in late ……only to find that the railway authorities prediction of the train possibly coming in on time, was right ……………..just too funny man

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Go ahead and officially call me stupid

Well not right now …..But if and when I do say something or do something to that effect.
The other day my cousins Arnold and Kenneth were at mocha.
These guys do smoke so ordered a hookah.
I quite didn’t know what I was going to do there …cause I don’t smoke. Never tried one either.
So I sit with them ….and wonder ….heck …..what difference is one puff going to do to me. So when I was offered a puff ….i readily accepted it.

Took like the tiniest puff anyone could take on a hookah.

Humm …not bad

( until this point I was under the impression that the hookah had no tobacco ….i then came to know that I was wrong……but I guess the umpteen puffs after that let me forget all about the tobacco)

Which brings me to what I wanted to know … addictive are cigarettes?

Friday, May 19, 2006


Well I know that title doesn’t make sense……….who cares!!!
I am bored
Well I did nothing today (well not even mediocre miscellaneous house chores…..thank god for that)
And I just thought I could put in a post …but I do realise that I am just rambling on ( listening to U2’s beautiful day …Ironical to say the least)
Today I got this feeling that I so am at the mercy of other people….
……waiting for them to get free
……waiting for them to give me a call
……waiting for someone somewhere to quit ( so that I can take their place)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Oh my eyes!!! My eyes!!!

Ok so now that I have got your eyes ….lets begin the story of how I lost mine yesterday!
So a couple of us were at marine drive ( doing ……well nothing as usual)
And our man VIRAJ looks towards Hotel Intercontinental ( which was exactly opposite to us ) and goes “OH MY GOD…..LOOK!!!” … all of us (that’s bhavini ,payal, piyush and myself) turn to look at the first floor of the hotel only to be greeted with the sight of a 45-50 year old foreigner STARK naked . ( ok stop imagining it u bafoons ….this is seriously as gross as it could get …..but hell no there’s more).
So as we tried to keep our gaze away from the guy who obviously didn’t care less as he was in his room taking on the phone NAKED with the drapes not drawn …..our man VIRAJ says “ hey he’s playing with his thingy”. ….and man was he right .

So if I have grossed u guys out enough ( and don’t worry the gross stuff ends there) lets move on.

Now sitting just parallel to us was a group of guys. While we tried ignoring the man this group peeled their eyes waiting in anticipation of when the guy made a reappearance at the window (well he was on the phone so kept giving us generous doses of full frontal and posterior flashes whilst prancing around his hall and bedroom) .

Now since all those passing on marine drive could witness this sight ( ooooh man my eyes)….its wasn’t late till one “ concerned citizen “ came out to the cops who were only glad to get the manager out of the hotel to witness his customers family jewels out in the open.
I don’t really know what happened then …..but just as the manager came out to take a peek …the man in question crew the drapes ……………..AND THE SHOW WAS OVER ( oh I can see again ).
But the show wasn’t over …..the cops went in. I assumed they would return with the man ( well I believe they would have clothed him at least now). But to my surprise …..about 30 mins later …the cops emerged empty handed ( well at least that guy wasn’t there ….but maybe their pockets must have been filled ).

And so ends the saga of public nudity …….well to start off with one of us had the bright spark of telling the manager ourselves of this offending scene ( but I guess we had to get off our asses and cross the road to do the same …as if we were going to do that !!!…..shame shame …puppy shame)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Been a while excuses for the same

I guess today’s post would explain the lack of posts in a long time …………….hee…just got free to sit pondering over nothing I guess ….that’s the way it is .

Had been a bit busy in the past week shooting a 30 second commercial. I guess I need not go into details considering Rakshits got it all covered here .

Call it being unable to get my ass moving on penning down my thoughts on the shoot …………then so be it !!!

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Today I had a marathon sleep. Well not really just that I have slept in the afternoon after such a long time that’s it’s not believable.
The day was good.
Got up at 8.30-all groggy. Went for mass. It was Annabel’s confirmation today. Went for the after party-which was great. Of course there was my cousin Ralph who kept reiterating the fact that he wasn’t going to eat crispy chicken cause he didn’t want a crispy death.
Talking of that……… I wonder now if the animal lovers will be glad that people would stop eating chicken for a while or be sad that so many chickens will be slaughtered for nothing.
I guess I don’t have the answer for that one right now. Maybe I shall have some chicken for dinner too to figure that one out.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Of moods and party's

I really am not in the mood of writing a post today ……like it has been for the past few days. May be a major reason behind that is I haven’t yet exposed people to the blog. Or maybe I just don’t want to pen down any thing at all.
Which brings me to asking myself 'why do I attend parties when I don’t feel like being in a “party” place?' . I shot down the idea of attending one such party. But ended up going for the party anyways. Which- might I add- doesn’t turn out to be half as bad I thought it would. There is always some learning to everything that I take up.

Like in this party I attended. Most of the guys were from Xavier’s but to my surprise they actually fancied Hindi numbers when it came up to me ……..and a few others playing on our guitars. The other thing I learnt is that I tend to bear with people who are just beginning to play the guitar, even if it means allowing them mercilessly murder some of the popularly known songs.

so be it ...............more the party's .............. more the learning's.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Nth time

For the Nth time I’ve thought of it today
But I still don’t know where I want it to go.
A part of me says it’s all O.K ……But who knows!

The feelings just there …I’m still wondering if I really care.

Being confused is good I’ve heard
But that doesn’t dither me.
The passing phase is all a blur
But I try real hard to see.

There’s always something out there……waiting to be explored.
I won’t be the first one I am sure
But then again who cares about them.
Cause it means much more to me. I’m sure.

At times I feel there’s a lot
between the lines for me to dissect and read.
But at times it feels what I read is not right
And what’s right I do not read.

Being subliminal is not how I do it.
………nor how it was meant to be.
And for the Nth time I’ve thought of it …AGAIN
And I shall see where this day takes me.

24 people

So we finally saw RDB( Rang De Basanti ………..for all those who didn’t get what I meant ).

As a student learning advertising the habit has always been to analyze and rip part those parts of the film that make no sense at all. To an extent I must here say that towards the second half of the film the script goes a wee bit overboard. But I really could not find a single flaw in the entire film. The director has done a fabulous job. The finesse in the film maker is evident in the fact that he comes from an ADVERTISING background. He has interrelated the story of his characters with that of our historical heroes – Rajguru ,Bhagat Singh and the likes. The transition from the present time to the historic era is just mind blowing. Even though the colour changes to sepia ……………the way it has been shot is incredible.

I am all in favor of using weird angles. But the risk one runs is angles at the cost of hurting the viewers’ eye. The film has this integral quality of engaging the audience from the first frame and taking them through the lives of the characters- all the while maintaining unconventional angles to portray it. Not once do you hear yourself saying
“Hey that angle is so bad”. You notice the weird angles only if you are really trying hard to find one (which I was doing, for most of the time)

Another thing that made the film more exciting was the fact that there were 24 of us in all. Half of us occupied the first row in the center column and the other half filled up the rightmost column. Before the interval I was seated in the right most extreme (man your neck hurts if you are on the rightmost extreme). Post interval Piyush(the bright creative spark) decided to shift to the center column …………we kicked some people out of their seats(hehehe they had gone to get some snacks at the time).

The half who were seated on the other side finally decided to make their way to where we were sitting and actually sat on the ground ………… it was almost like they’re watching a movie at a friends place.
All in all it was a fun day.

Friday, January 27, 2006

may it happen again

Today could very well be one that I would remember for a long time.

JOSE PAUL (for those who don’t know is the creative director for ‘David’ an ad-agency known for its child like wackiness) began the class by telling us that he was to give us our grades. These grades were due for a long time – and rightly so as there are 59 of us in the class.

He begins by telling us that he was touched by the efforts we had put in. he continued to make a mention of one Brief (in advertising parlance that would be the stimulus given to the creative guy for him to come out with his creative expression of how HE thinks the client wants his message to be sent across) that stood out.

…………in my mind I didn’t think I’ll stand a chance to be that one lucky person who had caught his eye and so my mind wandered in and out of class………until Prachee nudged me saying that he was referring to the brief that I had submitted.

I kept telling my self that it couldn’t be me ……….

Speaking in retrospect. At the time of writing the brief I had realised that on one extreme a lot of the people in class were writing him abstract poems and on the other extreme very formatted (sequenced and question oriented) briefs.
May be what I wanted to be, was just different …………but I wrote from the heart.

It was then that JOSE announced that the brief that he likes was mine ………not because I had packaged the sheet in a cassette case but because it had all the elements in it that he was looking for

Needless to say I was ecstatic ……………….my first A+.

The joy is not of it being an A+ ……………but for the fact that it comes from JOSE.
Who not only has been known for his antics in the ad world but who comes off as a seriously genuine person.
And being appreciated by a National Creative Director …………it’s my first time and I pray for it to happen again and again and again……………… and again!!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

MooDs et all

There are days when u just are not in the mood. You are in two minds. One seems logical and the other ballistic. You want to rationalize with yourself but fail to do so. The options in front are few but the questioning that goes on is mind boggling.

Like yesterday when a few of us met up at college for a project (….shmoject ) meet. We all had all the free time one could ask for but most of us couldn’t decide where to ‘WASTE IT’. The conflict that I experienced was not that of where do we go but why are we not utilising this time to do something constructive……………as I type this out the feeling still lingers.
I could very well be the one to invent time travel but instead I choose to be in front of my computer typing something that is just a creation in print.

But then at times I also feel that I am running too fast ……….being too ‘BUSY’
I guess that its just the Monday (…….err…I mean Tuesday) blues.

Does anybody have a cure?

Saturday, January 21, 2006

musically high!

Today in class we were given a presentation on how music influences mood. A lot of us do know that it really does, but are amazed by such presentations nevertheless. We listened to a few artists and analysed their styles. We did have a similar class sometime ago.

The professor actually conducted an exercise with a few of us.
The subject was told to sit on a chair and talk about anything random that he wanted to. Once the subject began talking, instrumental music pertaining to a specific mood was played.
Surprisingly all the subjects unknowingly got into topics that were reflective of the mood of the song and even its actual name.

The point being, I always wondered how classical pieces were named.

Take for example this CD I have of Yanni (devotion) the tracks listed are

once upon a time

the end of august


only a memory .............among others.

After today's class I have this vague idea that the composer must have listened to his composition before naming it............Thought for a while .........And then proceeded with the formal naming ceremony.

Or maybe it was the other way around where he pre-named the song according to his mood and then went about composing it.

What do u think?

I am not a classical aficionado-western or Indian- though I am open to listening to any things once I get my hands on's the perfect time to get musically high!!!

Friday, January 20, 2006

So I finally got to putting up a blog.

Not that I have a slightest clue what I am going to write or that if any one will ever visit my blog again.
So here's to cutting all the crappy formalities of inducting myself to the world of blogging