Tuesday, October 27, 2009


(As written by me on my cell phone on Sunday night, before i went to sleep)

Today i had the best time ever, with my guitar. I think i played for like two and a half hours, collectively. And i now regret not takin a video, or at least a sound byte.

The moment has passed. It'll never come back.

How many times have we not lived in the moment? Do we not realise that this very moment, as you read these words on my blog, will never come back again? Have we not realised that the mantra 'now or never' holds true, for everything we do?

Ok. I'm suddenly gettin heavy headed. Maybe it's all the writing. Or just the cold i've been troubled with, since last wednesday.

Dejavu. This has happened before. This has happened before.

I'm writin this post from my cell. And i'm determined to ramble on for two thousand two hundred and thirty one characters more. Just coz i can.

Am i self centered?
Should i not be?

Sleep sleep. Where art thou? The farm's ready, where the fucking plough. To be or not to be, is the question, they say. Can you really bear my rambling, or you'd rather learn pottery with clay.

I rhyme a lot.

And i frankly don't kno if that's a good thing. Or a good thing.

Let's take a break here. I've spoken for too long. Let's talk about you. Do you like angels? Do you think you can be one? Would you learn the drums, given a chance? Is there a song you really hate? Are you also suffering from insomnia? Is it that time of the month for you, even though you're a guy? Have you had too much to drink lately? Do you like apple pie?

Feel free to answer these questions. If you've got the time.

Have you ever tried to put words to the sounds that are emitted from your bedroom fan? Mine's sayin 'here there here there here there' x infinity.

Tsk. Now i can't seem to stop with the 'hear there'

a thousand more characters to go. I can do this. If only i had so much dedication to everythin i set my sights on. I actually think i do. But i really don't kno.

I keep contradicting myself. Dejavu. Again.

Now my hands hurt. Ouch. Maybe i should cut this short. There goes the dedication out the window.

Yawn. Aah. Sleep. Finally.

Friday, October 02, 2009

The Man: JOE

Put your hand out the window
And turn back Joe.

Put your head out the window
And turn back Joe.

Your dog did his doodie on my lawn today
I just want you to take it away
All my kids want to do is go out and play
…on their lawn today.

Put your eyes in your head Joe
And take them home.

Put your hands where I can see ‘em
And take them home.

Your wife ran away and took your name plate
Have some shame Joe, these kids are seven and eight
Just go away, get a new date… Joe.

(Space for a face melting guitar solo, much like Jack Black in ‘School Of Rock’)

Joe you’re such a disgrace.
You come last in a one man race.
Now get away from me, Joe.

(All characters in this piece are fictitious. Except JOE, he’s the man)