Friday, May 26, 2006

Humm that’s odd!!!

The other day I was coming home at around 7.00 (an odd time to come home actually cause most of the time I don’t reach before 10.30) and I am walking towards the end of the first platform at Borivali station.

Now you must have heard the standard announcements on the platform which say something like “ platform number chaar par aane wali sayaadri express ek ghanta deri se aani ki sambhavana rakhti hai” ( or something like that …pardon the mac hindi )

In any case the above announcement means that the train would PROBABLY be late.

But funnily I heard this announcement
“ platform number chaar par aane wali sayaadri express aaj apne NIRDHARATH SAMAY PAR aane ki sambhavana rakthi hai” ….which means that today the train might actually come on time.

So I believe that many passengers must have died of the shock that the train is on time.

I also pity those unfortunate ones who must have assumed the IST (Indian stretchable time) and come in late ……only to find that the railway authorities prediction of the train possibly coming in on time, was right ……………..just too funny man

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Go ahead and officially call me stupid

Well not right now …..But if and when I do say something or do something to that effect.
The other day my cousins Arnold and Kenneth were at mocha.
These guys do smoke so ordered a hookah.
I quite didn’t know what I was going to do there …cause I don’t smoke. Never tried one either.
So I sit with them ….and wonder ….heck …..what difference is one puff going to do to me. So when I was offered a puff ….i readily accepted it.

Took like the tiniest puff anyone could take on a hookah.

Humm …not bad

( until this point I was under the impression that the hookah had no tobacco ….i then came to know that I was wrong……but I guess the umpteen puffs after that let me forget all about the tobacco)

Which brings me to what I wanted to know … addictive are cigarettes?

Friday, May 19, 2006


Well I know that title doesn’t make sense……….who cares!!!
I am bored
Well I did nothing today (well not even mediocre miscellaneous house chores…..thank god for that)
And I just thought I could put in a post …but I do realise that I am just rambling on ( listening to U2’s beautiful day …Ironical to say the least)
Today I got this feeling that I so am at the mercy of other people….
……waiting for them to get free
……waiting for them to give me a call
……waiting for someone somewhere to quit ( so that I can take their place)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Oh my eyes!!! My eyes!!!

Ok so now that I have got your eyes ….lets begin the story of how I lost mine yesterday!
So a couple of us were at marine drive ( doing ……well nothing as usual)
And our man VIRAJ looks towards Hotel Intercontinental ( which was exactly opposite to us ) and goes “OH MY GOD…..LOOK!!!” … all of us (that’s bhavini ,payal, piyush and myself) turn to look at the first floor of the hotel only to be greeted with the sight of a 45-50 year old foreigner STARK naked . ( ok stop imagining it u bafoons ….this is seriously as gross as it could get …..but hell no there’s more).
So as we tried to keep our gaze away from the guy who obviously didn’t care less as he was in his room taking on the phone NAKED with the drapes not drawn …..our man VIRAJ says “ hey he’s playing with his thingy”. ….and man was he right .

So if I have grossed u guys out enough ( and don’t worry the gross stuff ends there) lets move on.

Now sitting just parallel to us was a group of guys. While we tried ignoring the man this group peeled their eyes waiting in anticipation of when the guy made a reappearance at the window (well he was on the phone so kept giving us generous doses of full frontal and posterior flashes whilst prancing around his hall and bedroom) .

Now since all those passing on marine drive could witness this sight ( ooooh man my eyes)….its wasn’t late till one “ concerned citizen “ came out to the cops who were only glad to get the manager out of the hotel to witness his customers family jewels out in the open.
I don’t really know what happened then …..but just as the manager came out to take a peek …the man in question crew the drapes ……………..AND THE SHOW WAS OVER ( oh I can see again ).
But the show wasn’t over …..the cops went in. I assumed they would return with the man ( well I believe they would have clothed him at least now). But to my surprise …..about 30 mins later …the cops emerged empty handed ( well at least that guy wasn’t there ….but maybe their pockets must have been filled ).

And so ends the saga of public nudity …….well to start off with one of us had the bright spark of telling the manager ourselves of this offending scene ( but I guess we had to get off our asses and cross the road to do the same …as if we were going to do that !!!…..shame shame …puppy shame)