Monday, August 20, 2007

The song's done

check it out here

it's the FIRST track ....though you're free to see the other ones too

party on :-)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

it's I-day today ....and here's one of the two things i did (can't tell you the other thing i did *winkwink)

(ok ...just so you don't get weird ideas......i wrote a song ...but it's not finished gotta wait)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Online banners

Checkout some cool online banners

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Not yet but almost…

…down with a cold. Head’s heavy. Wished I had a runny nose. Feel like cracking my skull to take out the phlegm.

Maybe some other day…

I’ve just signed on an artwork that’s taken a whole year to see the light of day. Sure I did write the original draft…and the rewritten copy. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s actually been a whole year. Ever since it began, it has changed colour, shape and copy so many times that I hardly remember what it earlier was supposed to be. Ahh…yes …in the good old days it was supposed to be a SUPER DUPER premium ad. Well….I dare not say anything, least I jinx it.

But life still goes on…I guess.

The changing of groups has got me good things …..And I think I MIGHT have written about it in an earlier post (or not), but it’s not that time of the day that I’m going to repeat myself… (Or not again)

Well …I can talk about my new phone. It’s a SONY K510i

My first phone was a Nokia 6600….and it got so badly fucked that I had to either let the phone go or pay 4,500 for it

I chose the former.

….and to add to that fact my new phone is just 4,800….and it’s got a better camera than the earlier phone …and it should (hopefully) be a lot better. It’s got almost the same features ….but it’s a Sony Ericsson. And I’ll need some time getting used to it.

Sometimes I think I should reread and edit what I write in my blog…coz the other day gill (my boss) asked if I have a blog, and I gave him the link. To be frank, I don’t think I should edit stuff. Coz I really want this space to be a reflection of what I’m thinking in the present moment ….I don’t care if I say “What the fucking shit have I written” and write it down …even if it makes no sense. I want it to be a written record of my present state of mind.

Need for speed….most wanted (black edition)

Been playing this is office … (when on a break of course). It makes me remember of the times when Arnold (my cousin) and I used to play NFS3 all day and night.

The day used to begin at 12.30 (sometimes 2.30) …just in time for lunch. Switching the computer and waiting for it to turn seemed like a good time to grab a bite. And then began a whole 18 hours of non-stop NFS’ing. Sure our thumbs would pain after a while ….but all that was futile …coz we had to chase the cops ….we had to win.

Looking back I realise how addicted we were to the game….but I don’t see any harm in it. It was good fun then. It still is good fun now.

And in true style…this second half of this post is written on the next day ….coz I had to get some work done (ya right!)

So I bid farewell till the time I think it’s wise to write

PS: Been happy about the fact that I’ve a lot to thank god for in my life …. (Ok too philosophical for this blog…so I’ll stop here)