Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mumbaikars are daft.

There you go. I've said it. And I don't see any other logical explanation for it.

Rent for the tiniest places cost lot more than the cheapest diamonds.

Every other city in india is 'naturally' blessed with awesome roads.
What are we, the somalia of cities?

You arrest the wrong people. And praise the wrongest of the lot.

Our rickshaw guys take us for a ride instead of riding us to the right place.

We'll complain about how dirty the city is but will not stop and retaliate if we see someone spitting out of a train or littering the street after they have stuffed their face with potato chips.

Our airports smell like 'Bombay' and our films smell like Hollywood.

Helplessly we rant on blogs (like I am doing right now),
but seem to be doing nothing to change the way we are.

We're happy actually.
Where we are. Where we live.
Where we wanna be. Where we wanna live.

We get scared of the very people who are supposed to make us feel at ease.
The cops. Why?

We teach out kids to save paper, water and god knows what other shit...
But do we ourselves follow what we were taught?
Open a kids textbook one of these days. Try it.

The Marathis will call the Gujjus loud. The Gujjus will call the Catholics alcoholics. The Catholics will call the Muslims filthy. The Muslims will call the..... Same old story.

I watched 'Jaane Bhi Do Yaroon' recently. And it's surprising to see the exact same things happen even after years. People in power still misuse it. People still get manipulated by people who know how to say the right things. Money still talks. Cops still take the innocent for a ride. People still try to do something to change the system.

Should we really jaane bhi do yaroon? Seriously.