Friday, June 19, 2015

Fallin' - Written On Bottles

Just put out a new single 'Fallin'  on iTunes.
Much excitement.

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Can’t go beyond a status.
Bound by 140 character spaces.

Can’t find it offline.
The world’s crossed the line.

Can’t feel the tips of fingers
coz they’re forever glued to a qwerty.

Can’t see the clouds
coz I’m always hooked to one.

Space. Bar.
Mouse. Track. Pad.
Loading. Offloading. Buffering.
Everything has changed its meaning.

For the better or worse.
It’s a boon or a curse.

Forgot my cursive.
Left behind peripheral vision.
Learned to clean…my cache.
But all hopes not lost.

I got close to that cuzin I almost never see.
I see my nieces’ faces and they kinda recognize me.
People say hi. People reconnect. People disconnect.

Guess nothing has really changed.