Monday, June 13, 2011

Let’s get down about leaving the toilet seat up.

Yes I said it. Women all over the universe are complaining about leaving the toilet seat down. But in fact (I think) that’s the stupidest thing to do.

1. Women think guys are lazy fucks. And yes they are. So if they are lazy enough to not bother keeping the seat up/down whenever they start/finish their business, they wouldn’t care less for what deposits they leave on the seat. And if you be sharing the house with only one male member, then it gets even worse. Coz he doesn’t care if it’s his own deposit he’s sitting on when he’s giving a ‘deposit’. He’ll just toilet paper it and move on. (multiple male members in the family will change that equation…mind you)

2. Have you ever pondered about how many germs lay inside the bowl? And that these germs can fly onto the seat when it’s flushed. Think about it. (Seat up…good. Seat down…not so good!)

3. You want the seat down. We want it up. So you take it down when you want to and we’ll take it up when we want to. Simple. And if you don’t want point number 1 (pun was truly unintentional) to happen, then just leave the rule to ‘KEEP SEAT UP’

Problem solved. What say?