Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Six Word Stories

Upturned the frown; I'm a clown.

The marriage was arranged, by love.

Went back in time; changed nothing.

Came. Saw. Tweeted. Fuelled the fire. 

Missed the train. I'm still alive.

Had pocket aces. Now has nothing.

Planned her pregnancy. Broke his marriage.

I slapped myself. Time travel worked.

I mailed the bomb. Returned undelivered.

Feeling claustrophobic. Should have been cremated.

Lost a phone. Gained a contact.

Phatako ki dukaan. Maachis ki teeli.

Dil Dhadakne laga. Marne ke baad.

Lost a phone. Gained a contact.

Won the match. Lost all respect.

Short circuit. Dentist picks up chisel.

Number engaged. Cops take phone away. 

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